Records Management Council

Records Management Council


The Records Management Council is chartered by the IT Leadership Action Committee to promote the records records management program in APHIS. The council is comprised of one member from each of APHIS program and is chaired by the agency records officer.

Meetings of the council are open to employees with an interest in records management. If you have an interest in becoming actively involved in records management within your program, contact the member for your program.

Council Members

Members of the council are nominated by the program's representative to the IT Leadership Action Committee and are appointed by the administrator of the program.

Animal Care
Thay Ly

Biotechnology Regulatory Staff (BRS)
Ingrid E Berlanger

Marketing and Regulatory Programs Business Services (MRPBS)
Russ Cole, APHIS Records Officer

Program Planning and Development (PPD)
Laura Loewendowski

Veterinary Services (VS)
Patricia Fellers


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