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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Manuals and Guidelines

Handbooks/Manuals/Guides are permanent issuances which give technical guidance and detailed procedures on a particular subject or function, generally of the type that must be referred to on a daily or frequent basis.

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Date Issued / Modified
Animal Product Manual 02/13/17
Animal Welfare Guidance Documents Varied
APHIS 205 - APHIS Records Management Handbook Varied
APHIS 1050 - APHIS Emergency Mobilization Guide 09/14/2018
APHIS 3440 - APHIS Information Security Handbook 2014
APHIS 4790 - APHIS Safety, Health Wellness Manual (Employees Only) Employees Only Varied
APHIS Aviation Manual - APHIS 5400-4 1999
APHIS Budget and Accounting Manual (Employees Only) Employees Only Varied
APHIS Publications Ordering System Varied
Human Resources Desk Guide Varied
MRP 4791 - MRP Workers Compensation Policy and Procedures Manual 02/09
MRP 4792 - MRP Drug Free Workplace Program Handbook 03/09
Issuance Change 1, dated 6/17/10
MRP 5400 - MRP Motor Vehicle Manual (Employees Only) Employees Only 03/15
Plant Health Electronic Manuals Varied


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