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Environmental vs Registrations

Veterinary Services Pesticide Exemptions

Veterinary Services (VS) uses pesticides as part of their programs to develop more effective techniques for managing livestock diseases. VS generally recommends that applicators use pesticides that have been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as per FIFRA Section 3. However, in emergency situations when applicable use sites and use rates do not appear on an EPA-approved product label, VS may request and obtain a FIFRA Section 18 emergency exemption from EPA. The current FIFRA Section 18 emergency exemptions held by APHIS for VS program uses are listed in the table below by chemical:

Chemical Exemption # Programs Use Patterns
Sodium carbonate Crisis exemption (no exemption #) Port use disinfectant
Sodium hypochlorite Crisis exemption (no exemption #) Port use disinfectant
Sodium hydroxide Crisis exemption (no exemption #) Port use disinfectant
Paraformaldehyde 10-DA-06 Port/Lab use disinfectant
Ethylene oxide 10-DA-01 Lab use disinfectant


* For the most current information on the status of the approval and registrations listed above, please contact Environmental Services.

Pesticides to use against selected foreign animal diseases (pdf)

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