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Where to Order Forms


Landover Warehouse (LW) All Washington and field offices CFPDC-1 OR by Electronic Ordering System Consolidated Forms and Publications Distribution Center
Washington Commerce Center
3222 Hubbard Road
Landover, MD 20785
PDM All Washington and field offices (301) 734-5524 Printing, Distribution, and Mail
Unit 1
Riverdale, MD 20737
MRPBS (MN) All Washington and field offices (301) 734-2045 FSIS, APHIS
100 North Sixth Street
Butler Square West
4th Floor, Suite 420
Minneapolis, MN 55403

1. Customer ID Number. It is mandatory to use your assigned Customer ID number when using the CFPDC-1 or the electronic ordering system when ordering forms from LW. Your order cannot be processed without this number. If you do not currently have an assigned number, need to verify your number, or your office location has moved, please contact the Forms, Issuances, and Records Management (FIRM) Team, Riverdale/Washington Business Site (R/WBS), APHIS Business Services (MRPBS), for assistance.

2. CPFDC-1 (Request for Forms and Publications). This form can be ordered from the LW and is issued in packages of 50 sets. Please make sure that you includes your Customer ID number and telephone number (including area code) on your order. This will enable the LW to efficiently process your order.

3. Electronic Ordering System. Customers can order forms electronically from the LW. You must have a Customer ID number before you can access the system. Order instructions were mailed from the LW to customers having a Customer ID number. If you need a copy of the instructions or have any questions, please contact the FIRM on (301) 734-5086, (301) 734-5360 or (301) 734-5190.


1. Form Number. Self-explanatory except for Local Reproduction "R" forms. These forms are identified by the letter "R" following the form number (e.g., APHIS Form 345-R). This means that offices may reproduce these forms by photocopy or other duplicating methods. The symbol "LRA" is shown in the Source of Supply column for "R" forms. This means Local Reproduction Authorized. No changes may be made to an approved "R" form until they have been cleared through the FIRM, R/WBS, MRPBS.

2. Edition Date. The latest edition date of the form. (Instructions for disposition of previous editions(s) are usually printed on the latest form.)

3. Title. This is the title shown on the form. If the form has no title, a description or the use of the form will be shown.

4. Construction. This column shows how each form is constructed, i.e., a cut sheet, a label form, a carbon interleaved set, etc. A number following the unit indicates the number of copies in a set, pad, or number of sets to a bookset. Example: (6) indicates a 6-part sets; Con (5) is a 5-part set continuous form.


BK - BOOK: Sheet of the same form bound between covers.

CD - CARD: Form printed on heavy paper (card stock).

CON - CONTINUOUS: Marginally punched form in continuous sheets or sets, perforated for use in automated data processing operations.

CS - CUT SHEET: A single sheet form.

DEC - DECAL: A form printed on specially prepared paper for transfer to wood, glass, metal, etc.

FLD - FOLDER: A folded, unstitched binder for filing purposes.

LBL - LABEL: Paper with adhesive back, suitable for affixing to boxes, packages, envelopes.

MP - MULTIPLE PAGES: Two or more dissimilar pages of a single form requiring fill-in.

PAD - PAD: Cut sheets or sets of the same form glued together along one edge, with or without cardboard backing (CS or Set).


Set - Set: An original and one or more copies fastened together; may be completed in one operation.

Tag - Tag: A form printed on cardboard, plastic, metal, or cloth, and designed to be attached to articles by string or wire.

TC - TAB CARD: A machine processable card designed for specific data processing operations.

5. Unit of Issue. A number after the issue code indicated the number of forms in that unit. Examples: PKG (100) indicates 100 forms in that package: BKS (25) means 25 sets in the bookset, etc. Pad forms will be issued in units of "PAD" or "PACKAGE", dependent upon the usage rate. If "PACKAGE", the number of pads per package will be indicated [PKG (5)], and the number of cut sheets or sets per pad will be shown in the construction column. These forms include carbon interleaved forms (sets), high usage cut sheet forms, some padded forms, and some labels. It is important that the unit of issue shown in this catalog be reflected on your orders for forms, particularly on the Form CFPCD-1 (Request for Forms and Publications) submitted to the Landover Warehouse (LW).

BKS - BOOKSET - Bound between covers



HD - 100


PKG - PACKAGE - Wrapped in paper or plastic shrink wrapper




6. Source of Supply. This is where the form is stocked. Note: The originating office (e.g., HR, WS) should notify the FIRM when forms stocked solely by that office reach the reorder level.


MRPBS FIRM, Riverdale/Washington Business Site, MRPBS, APHIS, Unit 103, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737

MRPBS (MN) FSIS, APHIS, MRPBS, 100 North Sixth Street, Butler Square West, 4th Floor, Suite 420, Minneapolis, MN 55403

BA Budget and Accounting, Service Enhancement, MRPBS, APHIS, Unit 57, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737

FADDL Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, APHIS, P.O. Box 848, Greenport, NY 11944

FM Facilities Management Team, Riverdale/Washington Business Site, MRPBS, APHIS, Unit 115, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737

FSA USDA, Farm Service Agency, Stop 0512, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20250-0512

HR Human Resources, Service Enhancement, MRPBS, APHIS, Unit 17, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737

IES Investigative and Enforcement Services, Regulatory Services, APHIS Business Services, Unit 85, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737

IS International Services, Unit 65, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20783

ITc Information and Technology Community, Unit 101, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737

LRA Local Reproduction Authorized.

LW Landover Warehouse, OO, Consolidated Forms and Publications Distribution Center, Washington Commerce Center, 3222 Hubbard Road, Landover, MD 20785.

NMRAL National Monitoring Residue Analysis Laboratory, APHIS, 3505 25th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 39501

NVSL National Veterinary Services Laboratory, APHIS, P.O. Box 844, Ames, IA 50010

OPD Organizational and Professional Development, 7340 Executive Way, Suite A, Frederick, MD 21701

PDM Printing, Distribution, and Mail, Riverdale/Washington Business Site, APHIS Business Services,

Unit 1, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737.

PPD Policy and Program Development, Unit 118, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737

PPQ Plant Protection and Quarantine, Unit 130, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737

SHE Safety, Health, and Environmental Team, Administrative Services, Service Enhancement, MRPBS, APHIS, Unit 115, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737

VS Veterinary Services, Unit 85, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737

WS Wildlife Services, Unit 87, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737

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