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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
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Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Forms


PPQ 76 03/95 Postcard - Plant Pest Permit Section CD PKG(100) PPQ
PPQ 77 06/97 Postcard - Plant Protection and Quarantine Permit Unit CD PKG(100) PPQ
PPQ 106 08/83 ID Card for Approved Pest Control Operator - Gypsy Moth Quarantine CD EA PDM
PPQ 107-R 06/82 Designation as Plant Quarantine Inspector (WOC) CS EA LRA
PPQ 108 05/99 Pesticide Applicator Certification (Wallet-Size Card) CD PKG(25) BSC
PPQ 136-R 04/85 Detailed Work Plan CS EA LRA
PPQ 168 08/72 Decalcomania for Doors - PPQ DEC EA BSC
PPQ 169 06/83 Plant Protection and Quarantine (Shield shape for hard hats) LBL EA MRPBS
PPQ 203 08/78 Foreign Site Certificate of Inspection and/or Treatment Set 5 PKG(50) BSC
PPQ 203A 03/98 Foreign Site Certificate of Inspection and/or Treatment (Mexico use only) Set 5 PKG(50) PPQ(Mex)
PPQ 212 08/84 Hold - PPQ CS BKS(50) BSC
PPQ 213-R 08/86 Airplane Inspection Record CS EA LRA
PPQ 214 08/74 Warning Quarantine Label LBL PKG(100) BSC
PPQ 216-R 07/78 Cooperators Record of Seizures CS EA LRA
PPQ 220-R 04/75 Activities Report - Inspection Station CS EA LRA
PPQ 227-R 05/85 Request for U.S. Customs Action CS EA LRA
PPQ 236 8/00 Notice of Shipment and Report of Inspection of Imported Plants to be Grown Under Postentry Qu Set 7 PKG(50) BSC
PPQ 237 05/86 Record of Seed Offered for Importation Under the Federal Seed Act Set 4 PKG(100) BSC
PPQ 238 05/85 Mailing Tag for Seed Samples Tag PKG(50) PPQ
PPQ 244 12/77 USDA - APHIS Warning Quarantine (Tag) Tag PKG(100) BSC
PPQ 250 11/91 Aircraft Clearance or Safeguard Order CS PAD(50) BSC
PPQ 252-R 08/91 Quarterly Inspection Checklist for Handling of Foreign Garbage - Airport Caterer CS EA LRA
PPQ 254 04/85 Disposition of Plants and Plant or Animal Products CS PAD(50) MRPBS (MN)
PPQ 255-R 07/91 Domestic Cargo CS EA LRA
PPQ 264 05/84 Notice to State Plant Quarantine Official of Shipment of Imported Plants and Plant Material CS Set 4 EA PKG(100) LRA BSC
PPQ 271 05/76 Railway Cars Certified for Entry BK(50) EA MRPBS (MN)
PPQ 277 08/86 Baggage Information Data CD PKG(100) BSC
PPQ 280-R 12/92 Report of Regulated Importations CS EA LRA
PPQ 286 03/84 Warning Regarding Sea Stores PS EA PDM
PPQ 287 11/00 Mail Interception Notice Set 5 PKG(100) BSC
PPQ 288 06/92 Ship Inspection Report BK EA(100) BSC
PPQ 305 12/95 Insect Collection Worksheet for Genotype Analysis Set 4 PKG(50) PPQ
PPQ 309A 01/97 Mail Interception Record CS PAD(50) BSC
PPQ 312 07/77 Cyst Nematode Survey CS PAD(50) MRPBS (MN)
PPQ 319 12/90 Witchweed Control/Survey Record and Eradication Plans CS PKG(100) PPQ (NC)
PPQ 331 10/84 Daily Witchweed Control Record Set 3 BKS(25) PPQ (NC)
PPQ 333-R 06/77 Cyst Nematode Field Survey Log CS EA LRA
PPQ 337-R 09/86 Supervision Report (Imported Seed) CS EA LRA
PPQ 343 05/73 Trapping Record CS PKG(100) BSC
PPQ 345 11/81 Caution - Do Not Handle or Move (Warning Label used on Insect Traps) LBL PKG(100) BSC
PPQ 348 11/74 Decision on Entry Status of Fruits and Vegetables Under Quarantine No. 56 Set 6 EA PPQ
*PPQ 368 04/77 Notice of Arrival CS PAD(100) BSC
PPQ 369-R 11/79 Rangeland Pest Survey - County Summary CS EA LRA
PPQ 370 02/81 Daily Grasshopper Survey Data CD PKG(100) PDM
PPQ 371-R 04/74 Request for Authority to Identify CS EA LRA
PPQ 400 05/96 Inspection Tape RL EA BSC
PPQ 429 03/92 Fumigation Record CS PAD(50) BSC
PPQ 449-R 03/92 Temperature Recording Installation Report CS EA LRA
PPQ 468 05/75 Caution Pesticide Treatment in Progress LBL EA MRPBS (MN)
PPQ 480 03/92 Treatment Facility CS PKG(50) PPQ (NC)
PPQ 481 09/95 Certificate of Approval CS PKG(50) PPQ (NC)
PPQ 482 07/99 Certificate of Approval CS PKG(25) MRPBS (MN)
PPQ 500 09/64 Notice of Shipment and Receipt of Untreated Material Set 4 EA BSC
PPQ 508 02/87 Green and Yellow Label - Blank Address LBL PKG(100) PPQ
PPQ 516 12/83 Photo ID Card (PPQ Personnel) CD PKG(100) PDM
PPQ 517 06/80 Identification Card CD PKG(25) BSC
*PPQ 518 03/88 Report of Violation Set 4 PKG(50) BSC
*PPQ 519 08/77 Compliance Agreement CS PAD(50) BSC
PPQ 522 01/75 Certified Under All Applicable Federal or State Cooperative Domestic Plant Quarantine Tag PKG(100) BSC
*PPQ 523 11/00 Emergency Action Notification Set 4 PKG(50) BSC
*PPQ 525A 10/95 Application for Permit to Receive Soil Set 3 PKG(25) BSC
PPQ 525B 08/94 Soil Permit Set 4 PKG(100) BSC
*PPQ 526 07/92 Application and Permit to Move Live Plant Pests or Noxious Weeds CS PKG(25) BSC
PPQ 526-1 05/90 Application to Move Non-Genetically Engineered Live Plant Pathogens CS EA PDM
*PPQ 527 05/96 Certified Under All Applicable Federal or State Cooperative Domestic Plant Quarantine (Package Certificate) LBL RL(100) BSC
*PPQ 530 04/89 Limited Permit Set 3 BKS(25) BSC
*PPQ 537 04/89 Limited Permit (Movement of Noncertified Articles) LBL RL(100) BSC
*PPQ 540 04/89 Certificate of Federal/State Domestic Plant Quarantines Set 3 BKS(25) BSC
*PPQ 543 05/92 Black Stem Rust Inspector's Report CS PAD(50) PDM
*PPQ 546 01/98 Agreement for Postentry Quarantine State Screening Notice (7 CFR 319.37) Set 4 PKG(50) BSC
PPQ 547 05/81 Postentry Quarantine (Tag) Tag EA PPQ
PPQ 548 08/97 Importation Authorized CS(12 Labels) EA PPQ
PPQ 550 03/95 Soil Samples - Restricted Entry (Label) LBL PAD(50) BSC
PPQ 551 08/74 Regulated Establishment Record CS PAD(50) BSC
PPQ 552-R 06/77 Pesticide Samples for Chemical Analysis CS EA LRA
PPQ 553 8/2000 Certificate of Heat Treatment PDF PDF
PPQ 554 12/74 Certified Under All Applicable Federal or State Cooperative Domestic Plant Quarantines LBL RL(50) BSC
PPQ 556-R 08/77 In Transit Cold Treatment Clearance Report CS EA LRA
*PPQ 564 03/95 Request for Additional Mailing Labels CS EA PPQ
PPQ 569 10/96 Released from Postentry Quarantine Set 6 PKG(50) PPQ
*PPQ 571 10/00 District of Columbia Plant Health Certificate CS EA LRA
*PPQ 572 12/99 Application for Inspection and Certification of Domestic Plants and Plant Products for Export CS PAD(50) BSC
PPQ 575 03/97 Monthly Summary of Export Certificates Issued Set 3 PKG(25) BSC
*PPQ 577 02/01 Phytosanitary Certificate Set 4 BOX(300) BSC
*PPQ 578 02/01 Export Certificate -Processed Plant Products Set 3 BOX(500) BSC
*PPQ 579 02/01 Phytosanitary Certificate for Reexport Set 4 BOX(300) BSC
PPQ 586 04/95 Application for Permit to Transit Plants and/or Plant Products into or through the United States CS PKG(50) BSC
*PPQ 587 (MD) 04/95 Application for Permit to Import Plants or Plant Products CS PAD(100) BSC
*PPQ 588 04/95 Application for Permit to Import Plants or Plant Products for Experimental Purposes CS PKG(25) BSC
PPQ 591 01/98 Notice of Alleged Violation Set 3 PKG(50) BSC
PPQ 592 10/00 Notice of Violation Set 4 PKG(50) BSC
PPQ 597 04/95 Import Permit for Plants and Plant Products Set 6 PKG(100) PPQ
PPQ 599 03/92 Red and White Label - Blank Address STR (4 labels) PKG(100) PPQ
*PPQ 621 10/00 Application for General Permit to Engage in the Business of Importing, Exporting, or Reexporting Terrestrial Plants CS PKG(50) BSC
PPQ 622 9/00 General Permit (Importing/Exporting Terrestrial Plants - Riverdale use only) Set 2 PKG(50) PPQ
*PPQ 623 06/89 Waiver of Forfeiture Procedures by Owner of Seized Forfeiture Set 2 PKG(50) PDM
PPQ 624 01/92 Notice of Seizure and Proposed Forfeiture Set 4 PKG(50) PDM
*PPQ 625 06/89 Claim and Bond CS EA PDM
*PPQ 626 06/89 Petition for Remission or Mitigation of Forfeiture CS EA PDM
PPQ 627 04/84 Declaration of Forfeiture Set 3 PKG(50) PDM
*PPQ 651-R 9/00 Application For Plum Pox Compensation CS EA LRA
*PPQ 652-R 10/00 Application For Citrus Canker Tree Replacement Payment CS EA LRA
PPQ 700 10/96 Karnal Bunt Millfeed Processing Claim CS EA PPQ
PPQ 701 10/96 Karnal Bunt Facility Decontamination Claim CS EA PPQ
PPQ 702 04/97 Karnal Bunt Certificate CS EA PPQ
PPQ 802 03/92 Daily Aircraft Record BKS(25) PKG(5) BSC
*PPQ 816 05/00 Aircraft and Pilot Qualification Acceptance Report CS PKG(100) BSC
PPQ 817 01/92 Aerial Contractor Performance Evaluation Report Set 3 PKG(100) PPQ
PPQ 900-R 06/91 Canine Statistical Summary CS EA LRA
PPQ 922 11/93 Overtime Service Report Set 2 EA PPQ
PPQ 923 01/94 Business Reply Tag, Seed Examination Facility Tag PKG(100) PPQ
PPQ 924-R 03/94 Official Warning Violation of Fruit Fly Quarantine Regulations CS EA LRA
PPQ 925 09/96 Seed Analysis Certificate (Electronic version available) Set 4 PKG(50) PPQ
PPQ 926 12/97 Karnal Bunt Compensation Claim Form CS EA FSA
PPQ 927 12/97 Karnal Bunt Compensation Worksheet CS EA FSA
PPQ 928 12/97 Karnal Bunt Compensation Worksheet for 1995-1996 Wheat Seed CS EA FSA
PPQ 930-R 05/00 Official Warning Violation of Citrus Canker Quarantine Regulations CS EA LRA
PPQ 942 09/99 Application For Designation CS PKG(25) FIELD
PPQ 950 12/98 Importation of Solid Wood Packing Materials CS EA PPQ
PPQ 1700   Airport Maritime Operations Binder (Blue 6 x 9) BINDER EA DMB
PPQ 1900   Nonpropagative Binder (Green 11 1/2 x 11) BINDER EA BSC
PPQ 2000   Animal Products Manual (Orange) MANUAL EA BSC
PPQ 2001   PPQ Binder (White 6 x 9) BINDER BOX(14) BSC
PPQ 2001A   Inserts for PPQ 2001 (6 x 9) INSERTS BOX(400) BSC
*APHIS 2000 07/89 Application for Permit or Courtesy Permit under 7 CFR 340 (Genetically Engineered Organisms) CS EA PPQ
*APHIS 2050 07/89 Interstate Shipment Authorized LBL EA PPQ
*APHIS 2051 07/89 Blue and White Label - Blank Address LBL PKG(50) PPQ
*APHIS 2052 07/89 Blue and White Label - San Francisco, CA LBL PKG(50) PPQ
*APHIS 2053 07/89 Blue and White Label - Jamaica, NY LBL PKG(50) PPQ
*APHIS 2054 07/89 Blue and White Label - Miami, FL LBL PKG(50) PPQ
*APHIS 2060 01/96 Environmental Monitoring Set 4 EA NMRAL
APHIS 2061 03/92 Residue Sample for Food or Feed Product Set 3 EA NMRAL
APHIS 2062 03/92 Pesticide Samples for Chemical Analysis Set 2 EA NMRAL

* = Approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) per the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA)

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