MRP Forms

MRP Forms

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Revision Date, Other Info


MRP 2 Yes

Request and Authorization for Regularly Scheduled Overtime Work

08/2106 PDF
MRP 3  Yes Request for Clearance/Approval of Issuance 03/2012 PDF
MRP 4 Yes Request For Authorization of Relocation Expenses 08/2011 DOC
MRP 5 No Self Certification Medical Statement 05/2003 PDF
MRP 10-R Yes Request for Special Travel 07/1998 PDF
MRP-13 Yes Request for Special Travel 08/2013 DOC
MRP 18-R Yes Work Restriction Evaluation Removed 06/12 Obsolete
MRP 19-R Yes Work Schedule 08/2000 PDF
MRP 20-R No Change in Motor Vehicle Trade-in 10/2002 PDF
MRP 26 No WC Long Term Management 03/2009 PDF
MRP 27 No WC Short Term Management 03/2009 PDF
MRP 28 No WC Telephone Log 03/2009 PDF
MRP 29 No Long Term Management Rating Scale 03/2009 PDF
MRP 30 No Reasonable Accommodation Reassignment 03/2011 PDF
MRP 40R No

When Injured at Work Checklist - Occupational Illness or Disease

05/2012 DOC
MRP 41R No

When Injured at Work Checklist - Traumatic Injury

05/2012 DOC
MRP 52-R No Request 01/1997 PDF
MRP 62-R Yes Employee Travel Advance Request 09/2012 DOC
MRP 65 No Annual Vehicle Inspection 08/2000 PDF
MRP 74-R No Vehicle Sharing Checklist 06/2006 PDF
MRP 75 No Federal Vehicle Registration 06/2006 PDF
MRP 111 No Space Condition Report - Used to document the condition of leased space when you move in or out. 03/2009 PDF
MRP 112 Yes Lease Market Survey - When searching for new space, complete this form for each potential location you visit.
01/2009 DOC
MRP 113 NA Space Requirements Questionnaire - General Requirements for Space
Instructions for CATEX Checklist
NA Contact Us
MRP 114 NA Request for Changes to Space and Field Office and Lease of Facilities NA Contact Us
MRP 123


Reasonable Suspicion and Post-Accident/Unsafe Practice Checklist



MRP 124-R No Safety Checklist for Towing/Carrying Equipment 06/2006 PDF
MRP 125-R No Defensive Driver Training Log 10/2002 PDF
MRP 135-R No Motor Vehicle Authorization 06/2000 PDF
MRP 139 No Employee Record of Commute in Government Vehicle 12/2000 PDF
MRP 139-R No Employee Record of Commute in Government Vehicle 10/2002 PDF
MRP 145-R Yes Superior Qualifications Appointments 06/2014 PDF
MRP 146-R Yes Statement of Understanding 10/2002 PDF
MRP 147-R Yes Annual Salary Computation Sheet for Superior Qualifications Appointments 10/2002 PDF
MRP 208 No Request to Engage in Non-Federal Employment or Activity 06/2000 PDF
MRP 210-R Yes Flexible Workplace Agreement N/A Employees Only Teleworks Web site Employees Only
MRP 211R No Flexible Workplace Employee/Supervisor Checklist N/A Abolished
MRP 219 No Nonstandard Tour of Duty or Split-Shift 03/2000 PDF
MRP 250-R Yes Release to Obtain Student Loan Information  08/2015 PDF
MRP 251-R Yes MRP Service Agreement for Receipt of Repayment of Student Loan(s) 08/2015 PDF
MRP 252-R Yes Recommendation and Approval of the Repayment of Student Loan(s)  08/2015 PDF
MRP 263 No Tour of Duty Schedule 03/2000 PDF
MRP 315-R No Vehicle Condition Questionnaire 06/2006 PDF
MRP 345-R No Time and Attendance Log 10/2001 PDF
MRP 346 Yes Designation of Tour of Duty
09/2008 DOC
MRP 347 Yes Substitute of Earned Paid Time Off for Annual/Sick Leave Indebtedness 10/2008 DOC
MRP 350 Yes Statement or Earnings and Leave (SEL) Waiver Request Form (or Cancellation) 10/2007 PDF
MRP 352 Yes webTA Access Request Form 07/2011 PDF
MRP 400 Yes Request to Schedule and Electronic Information System 06/2006 Employees Only PDF Employees Only
MRP 3052 Yes Acknowledgment of Employee Rules of Behavior (ROB) for Government Furnished Mobile 06/2015 PDF


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