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Hungry Pests Mobile Apps

Free mobile apps put identification tools in your hand.

Now you can bring along robust identification tools from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Identification Technology Program for the information you need to support accurate field screening and identification. These apps put professional-level identification keys in your pocket. When invasive pests may be on the move, it helps to have trusted information at hand.

These 10 free apps for all smartphones and tablets are available for download from Google Play for Android devices, or from Apple iTunes for iOS devices.

Download the identification keys as mobile apps

Citrus Pests Key

Citrus Pests KeyDesigned to help users determine which type of citrus insect pest they have encountered. Features an interactive key coupled with illustrated, descriptive fact sheets for each pest. Perfect for plant professionals with access to a light microscope and hand lens.


Citrus Diseases Key

Citrus Diseases KeyAn illustrated identification key that encompasses citrus diseases in the US as well as those of immediate concern. Designed for use by US quarantine officials responsible for inspecting imports, and by federal, state and local domestic survey and identification personnel.

Apple App Store  Google Play   Apple App Store  Google Play

Citrus ID Key

Citrus ID KeyFacilitates identification to at least the cultivar group level within citrus, and beyond for select cultivars. Features original illustrations and photography. App is primarily intended to assist with pest surveys in orchards, variety collections, and home gardens.


Dried Botanicals Key

Dried Botanicals KeyCreated so that both the professional botanist, who knows the difference between the Agaricales and Polyporales, and the amateur, who may not be able to distinguish a bracket fungus from stem pith, can achieve accurate identification for a dried specimen.

Apple App Store  Google Play   Apple App Store  Google Play

Federal Noxious Weeds Key

Federal Noxious Weeds KeyThirty-one families of Federal Noxious Weeds are represented on this app with helpful photography, original illustrations, and detailed fact sheets covering individual species and species complexes. Perfect for field use out of range of Internet access.


Palm Screening Aid Key

Palm Screening Aid KeyDesigned to help the non-expert in identifying palm pests they may have. The app covers the arthropod pests of palms, including mites and insects. The identification keys can take the user to class, order, family, genus, or species.

Apple App Store  Google Play   Apple App Store  Google Play
Palm Symptoms Key

Palm Symptoms KeyPerfect for preliminary field diagnosis of palm problems.
Intended for non-experts working with Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS), National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN), or other agricultural agencies & organizations. Can be used with the naked eye or a hand lens.

Palm ID Key

Palm ID KeyDesigned to help users identify 82 commonly cultivated palm species from 48 genera. App is Illustrated with hundreds of images of species and their characteristics or features. Provides identification support for palms commonly cultivated in the US and Caribbean Islands.

Apple App Store  Google Play   Apple App Store  Google Play

Terrestrial Mollusc Key

Terrestrial Mollusc KeyDesigned to assist in the identification of adult terrestrial slugs and snails of agricultural importance. Also includes species of quarantine significance as well as invasive and contaminant mollusc species commonly intercepted at US ports. Includes 33 families and 128 species.


TortAI Key

TortAI KeyThe Tortricids of Agricultural Importance (TortAI) Key aids in identifying tortricid adults during domestic surveys and larvae encountered during quarantine inspections. Perfect for persons in the continental United States performing surveys for exotic species or during port of entry inspections.

Apple App Store  Google Play   Apple App Store  Google Play


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