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Transporting and Handling of Dogs - Handling Dog Kennels

Kennels must be handled in a manner that protects the animals from physical harm or distress. Kennels must be moved between the holding areas and the planes as quickly as possible. Kennel must not be tossed, dropped, or needlessly tilted, or stacked in a manner that may cause the kennel to fall. Kennels must be protected from the elements.

When handling kennels with live animals the kennels must ____.

A) not be placed on elevated shelves

No, this is not a critical aspect in handling kennels.

B) be protected from the elements

Yes, kennels with live animals must be protected from extreme weather or other elements.

C) not be placed in elevators

No, this is not a critical aspect in handling kennels.

This lesson is designed for airport personnel who have the responsibility for the care of dogs and handling of kennels during air travel. After reviewing this lesson you will understand many factors that can improve the safety of dogs during air travel and increase the likelihood that the dogs will arrive healthy at their final destination. These factors involve the appropriate care and handling of dogs and kennels under both normal and extreme conditions.

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