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Travel Documentation - Feeding and Watering Information

The owner or owner’s agent must certify that each animal was offered food and water within 4 hours of delivering the dog to the airport. A document indicating the time and date that food and water were last offered as well as feeding and watering instructions for next 24-hour period should be included in the pouch on the kennel.

The feeding and watering information should indicate ____.

A) the type of and amount of food that the airlines should feed the dog

 No, this is not a critical part of the feeding and watering information.

B) when the dog was offered food within 4 hours before airport arrival

Yes, it is important for the airlines to know when the dog was last offered food before departure.

C) how the food and water should be presented to the dog

No, this is not a critical part of the feeding and watering information.

The lessons below are designed for pet owners who are planning to travel with their dogs and airport personnel who have the responsibility of accepting dogs for air travel. After reviewing this lesson, you will understand the factors that can improve the safety of dogs during air travel. To learn how to plan for the safety of your dog during air travel: 1) read the instructions online, 2) watch the movie, or 3) view the practice activities below.

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