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Analytical Chemistry Unit

Project Fact Sheet:
Analytical and Formulation Chemistry Services
Analytical Chemistry Unit Publications

NWRC's analytical chemistry and formulations laboratories support all NWRC scientists and WS operational programs, as well as other Federal and State agencies, universities, and NGOs, that need help with chemical screening, analysis, formulation, and modeling. This work supports a variety of research topics, ranging from wildlife contraceptives and wildlife disease to invasive species eradication and wildlife repellents. NWRC's chemistry and formulations staff are experienced in a variety of scientific disciplines, including pharmacology, environmental fate, chemical synthesis, toxicology, analytical chemistry, computer modeling, and formulations process development.

NWRC chemistry and formulations staff design methods to identify, analyze, and develop new drugs, repellents, toxicants, and other chemically-based wildlife damage management tools. They also enhance the delivery of compounds to target species through microencapsulation and by developing food products, baits, and lures that are stable in various environments and situations. This research produces validated methods that are used by NWRC and shared with outside labs to analyze samples. Such methods enhance NWRC's research efforts and support product registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Recent activities have included bovine tuberculosis, brown treesnakes, oral rabies vaccine, blackbirds and methods of controlling feral swine populations. 

Project Leader:
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521

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