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2009 Program Data Reports Disclaimer
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2009 Program Data Reports Disclaimer

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Wildlife Services has provided Program Data Reports for FY 2009 which reflect ongoing data collection as part of the wildlife damage management activities of the program. These Program Data Reports are presented in table format (except for Table E) similar to previous years. Program Data Reports may change in future years to reflect modifications in data collection and compilation processes that have changed. We hope these Annual Tables will help you to understand the Wildlife Services commitment to protection of American resources


Table C, FY 2009 has been revised. Revisions included: Numbers for Coyote data related to damage to Sheep (Adult) were reduced by one, and one entry related to Dogs, Feral, Free-ranging and Hybrids and damage to Sheep (Adult) was entered.

Table G, FY 2009 has been revised. Corrections were made to remove one record of Swallows, z-(Other); corrected to Swallows, Cliff in all affected tables for this PDR.

You may submit comments by contacting us at:

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Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Tables


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