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2008 Program Data Report G - Animals Dispersed / Killed or Euthanized / Freed


Revisions to Table C for CO, OH, and the national table, changing data for Bison, and Lambs
Revisions to Table F to reflect update of sample counts
Revisions to Table G for CO, IA, ID, and OH, TX, and national tables to reflect:
Change in data for Rattlesnakes
Change in numbers of birds dispersed
Change in Greater and Lesser Snow Geese take numbers
Change in take numbers for coyotes
Change in take data for Northern Goshawks, Northern Harrier Hawks, and Red-tailed Hawks 

Summary Statements About Wildlife Services Activities

The number of animals encountered by Wildlife Services in any given year is a function of many different factors, including wildlife populations' size and distribution, the extent to which animals are involved in damage situations, and the extent to which the public requests WS assistance in handling these challenges. The discussion contained here is intended to provide some explanation of the data contained in WS PDR Table G.

FY 2008 PDR F Top 10

Dispersed Reports
Killed or Euthanized Reports
Freed Reports


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To View the National Roll-up
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