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Protecting Health and Safety

Human Health and Safety At Airports


WS works with airports across the earth to develop and use ways to reduce the threats to air passengers posed by many wildlife species.

Follow these links to learn more:

Report on Wildlife Strikes to Civil Aircraft In The U.S.
WS activities to protect air passengers
Fact Sheets
• >Multi-agency Study on Marine Transfer Station

Other Human Health and Safety Projects and Programs

WS assists American industry, federal, state, and local government, and private citizens to help protect human health and safety at the workplace, at public sites, and at the American home. Click on these links to learn more :

Rabies Program Information
Urban Wildlife Damage Management

Other Health and Safety

Animal Health Projects and Programs
Click these links to see how WS works with federal, state, and local governments, international interests, and the public in projects to protect domestic livestock, pets and valued wildlife from disease and disease threats.

Rabies Program Information


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