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Check out Wildlife Services’ Wildlife Damage Management Technical Series

 In 2016, Wildlife Services launched a new, online peer-reviewed technical series on wildlife damage management. Known as the Wildlife Damage Management Technical Series (WDMTS), it consists of articles written by experts from university, federal, state, nongovernmental and industry partners, as well as from Wildlife Services. It highlights wildlife species, their associated damage, and recommended damage management tools and techniques.

Currently numbering 20 articles, the series covers management methods, such as bird dispersal techniques, and individual species or groups, such as European starlings, hawks and owls, and beavers. Articles discuss the basic biology and ecology of the species, specific damage issues and conflicts, and current damage management tools and techniques to prevent and resolve conflicts. New articles are posted online every few months or as they become available. Articles currently under development highlight crows and ravens, prairie dogs, black bears, feral swine, wolves, and coyotes.

To learn more, visit the Wildlife Damage Management Technical Series webpage or contact

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