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Dr. Nathan P. Snow

Contact Information: 
Title: Research Biologist

Address: 4101 Laporte Avenue, Fort Collins CO  80521-2154

Telephone: 970-266-6041

Fax: 970-266-6010


Research Project: Feral Swine and Ungulate Impacts


PhD, Michigan State University “Hotspots, underreporting, and dynamic space-time influences of wildlife-vehicle collisions”, 2014

MS, Colorado State University, “Survival, effects of roads, and characteristics of road-kill locations for the San Clemente Island fox”, 2009

BS, Central Michigan University, Biology, 2004

Affiliations: Department of Animal, Rangeland, and Wildlife Sciences, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Current Research:  

  • Finding solutions to wildlife damage issues and human-wildlife conflicts, and managing threats from invasive species.
  • Appling field and laboratory studies, and ecological modeling to address these issues.
  • Working to develop new management techniques for invasive feral swine in the United States and Australia.

International Experience: Australia (feral swine) 

Dr. Snow is a wildlife biologist that develops solutions for wildlife damage management and resolving human-wildlife conflicts. In particular, Dr. Snow works to minimize impacts from invasive species on agriculture and natural resources. Currently, he focuses primarily on developing new management tools for feral swine in the United States and Australia. Dr. Snow combines field studies, pen studies, and statistical modeling to tackle this challenging problem.


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