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Tillman, Eric

Contact Information

Title: Wildlife Biologist

Address: USDA Wildlife Services, NWRC, Florida Field Station,

2820 East University Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32641

Telephone: 352-375-2229

Fax: 352-378-4925



Research Project:Methods Development and Population Management of Vultures and Invasive Species



M.S., University of Florida, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
B.S., Florida International University, Environmental Studies


Current Research

  • Diet of monk parakeets in South Florida
  • Development of a selective feeder to dispense contraceptives to monk parakeets
  • Vulture movement patterns and roost management near airports
  • Spatial/temporal measurement and analysis of feral swine damage to environmentally sensitive habitat
  • Habitat use and distribution of feral swine in a local agricultural matrix



Eric A. Tillman is a Wildlife Biologist for the USDA APHIS Wildlife Services, National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) Florida Field Station in Gainesville, FL. Eric began his career with the NWRC in 1998. Much of his work has been dedicated to the development of methods and tools to manage avian-human conflicts related to agricultural crops, property, and human health and safety. This has included species such as blackbirds, crows, vultures, and monk parakeets. More recently, his focus has expanded to include the ecology and management of invasive reptiles and feral swine.


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