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Dr. Aaron B. Shiels


        Dr. Aaron B. Shiels        
Research Biologist

NWRC Research Project: Development of Methods to Control Rodent Populations and Damage

Current Research 

Dr. Aaron Shiels is a research biologist at the National Wildlife Research Center, Fort Collins, Colorado.  His current research is focused on developing and testing methods to reduce invasive and native rodent damage with both lethal and nonlethal approaches in island and continental ecosystems.

Research Interests

Rodents, Ecology and Management, Conservation Biology, Disturbance, Global Change, Human-Wildlife Interactions, Wildlife Damage Management, Plant-Animal Interactions, Invasive Species


  • Ph.D., University of Hawaii at Manoa, Botany, “Ecology and impacts of introduced rodents (Rattus spp. and Mus musculus) in the Hawaiian Islands”
  • M.S., University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Biology, “Bird perches and soil amendments as revegetation techniques for landslides in Puerto Rico”
  • B.S., University of Denver, Environmental Science, “Soil nutrient differences between Pinus aristata and Picea engelmannii krummholz in alpine-tundra, Goliath Peak, Colorado”

Contact Information:

  • Address: NWRC
                   4101 LaPorte Avenue
                   Fort Collins, CO  80521
  • Telephone: 970-266-6324
  • E-mail:

Recent Publications


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Shiels, A.B., W.P. Bukoski, and S.R. Siers. 2017. Diets of Kauai's invasive rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri): evidence of seed predation and dispersal in a human-altered landscape. Biological Invasions 20:1449-1457. doi: 10.1007/s10530-017-1636-5

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