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O'Hare, Jeanette

Contact Information
Title: Registration Manager 
Address: 4101 Laporte Avenue, Fort Collins CO  80521-2154
Telephone: 970.266.6156
Fax: 970.266.6157

M.S. University of Nebraska, Omaha, Biology, "Isozyme and morphological variation of disjunct populations of the plains topminnow, Fundulus sciadicus"
B.S. College of Saint Mary Omaha, Biology
Current Research
  • Contraceptive vaccine for managing prairie dogs, horses and other wildlife species
  • Contraceptive chemicals for managing urban birds
  • Avian repellents
  • Development of a toxicant for managing feral pigs
Recent Publications 
Eisemann, J.D., R.S. Moulton, and G.W. Witmer. 2016. The use of forced gas rodent burrow fumigation systems and the potential risk to humans. Proceedings of the 27th Vertebrate Pest Conference 27:411-418.
O'Hare, J.R., E.W. Ruell, and J.D. Eisemann. 2016. The ground view of navigating FIFRA and the ESA: One pesticide registrant's perspective. Proceedings of the 27th Vertebrate Pest Conference 27:432-437. 
Ruell, E.W., D.M.. Gatewood, J.R. O'Hare, and J.D. Eisemann. 2016. A decision support tool for determining federal regulatory authority over products for vertebrate animals. Proceedings of the 27th Vertebrate Pest Conference 27:422-431.
O’Hare, J.R. 2012. NWRC Chemical Effects Database — What’s old is new again. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 25: 134-138.

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