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Dr. Amy Gilbert

Dr. Amy Turmelle Gilbert
Supervisory Research Biologist 
Rabies Project Leader 

Dr. Gilbert is a disease ecologist interested in the maintenance and spillover of wildlife diseases, with a focus on rabies. She earned a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Tennessee studying rabies virus ecology in North American bats. She was a guest researcher and postdoctoral fellow with the Rabies Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for seven years, where she conducted studies on rabies pathogenesis in bats and both led and participated in international field projects focused on enhanced lyssavirus surveillance and pathogen discovery in bats, as well as human-animal interface studies for modeling rabies risk. Her current research focuses on ecology and spillover of rabies infections in wildlife, as well as experimental studies of novel rabies biologics and technologies to improve oral rabies vaccination of target wildlife, in efforts to improve disease management.

NWRC Research ProjectMethods and Strategies for Controlling Rabies

Current Research

  • Ecology and spillover of rabies infections in wildlife
  • Application of novel rabies biologics and technologies to improve vaccination of target wildlife
  • Human-animal interface and zoonotic disease risk
  • Emerging pathogens of bats


Ph.D., University of Tennessee
B.A., Boston University

International Experience:

Pathogen surveillance in bats and human knowledge-attitude-practice surveys in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Thailand

Contact Information:

  • Address: NWRC, 4101 LaPorte Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80521
  • Telephone: 970-266-6054
  • Fax: 970-266-6138
  • Email:

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