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Dr. Alan Franklin

Contact Information

Title: Project Leader

Address: NWRC, 4101 LaPorte Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521

Telephone: 970-266-6137                                                         

Fax: 970-266-6138



NWRC Research ProjectWildlife-Associated Pathogens Affecting Agricultural Health, Food Security, and Food Safety



Ph.D., Colorado State University, Wildlife Ecology, Factors affecting temporal and spatial variation in northern spotted owl populations

M.S., Humbolt State University, Natural Resources, Breeding biology of great gray owls

B.S., Cornell University, Wildlife Science

International Experience

  • Kenya (avian influenza in wild birds)
  • China (avian influenza in wild birds)
  • South Africa (conducted training in distance sampling)
  • Mexico (management of spotted owls)
  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (biological and geological research)


Dr. Alan Franklin is Project Leader for the Wildlife Pathogens and Food Security & Safety Project. Dr. Franklin's expertise is primarily on the ecology and dynamics of wildlife populations, particularly in integrating quantitative analysis of empirical data with ecological theory and integrating wildlife population ecology with wildlife disease ecology. He currently works on avian influenza surveillance and monitoring in wildlife, and ecology of pathogenic and antimicrobial resistant bacteria in wildlife populations at the wildlife-agricultural interface.

Recent Publications

Bevins, S.N., M. Lutman, K. Pedersen, N. Barrett, T. Gidlewski, T.J. DeLiberto, and A.B. Franklin. 2018. Spillover of swine coronaviruses, United States. Emerging Infectious Diseases 24(7):1390-1392. doi: 10.3201/eid2407.172077

Franklin, A.B., P.C. Carlson, A. Rex, J.T. Rockweit, D.Garza, E. Culhane, S.F. Volker, R.J. Dusek, V.I. Shearn-Bochsler, M.W. Gabriel, and K.E. Horak. 2018. Grass is not always greener: rodenticide exposure of a threatened species near marijuana growing operations. BMC Research Notes 11:94. doi: 10.1186/s13104-018-3206-z

Miller, M.P., S.M. Haig, E.D. Forsman, R.G. Anthony, L. Diller, K.M. Dugger, A.B. Franklin, T.L. Fleming, S. Gremel, D.B. Lesmeister, M. Higley, D.R. Herter, and S.G. Sovern. 2018. Variation in inbreeding rates across the range of Northern Spotted Owls (Strix occidentalis caurina): Insights from over 30 years of monitoring data. The Auk 135(4):821-833. doi: 10.1642/AUK-18-1.1

Schaeffer, J.W., J.C. Chandler, M. Davidson, S.L. Magzamen, A. Perez-Mendez, S.J. Reynolds, L.D. Goodridge, J. Volckens, A.B. Franklin, S.A. Shriner, and B. Bisha. 2018. Detection of viruses from bioaerosols using anion exchange resin. Journal of Visualized Experiments 138:e58111. doi: 10.3791/58111

Chandler, J.C., J.W. Schaeffer, M. Davidson, S.L. Magzamen, A. Perez-Mendez, S.J. Reynolds, L.D. Goodridge, J. Volckens, A.B. Franklin, S.A. Shriner, and B. Bisha. 2017. A method for the improved detection of aerosolized influenza viruses and the male-specific (F+) RNA coliphage MS2.Journal of Virological Methods 246:38-41.  doi: 10.1016/j.jviromet.2017.04.004

Dannemiller, N.G., C.T. Webb, K.R. Wilson, K.T. Bentler, N.L. Mooers, J.W. Ellis, J.J. Root, A.B. Franklin, and S.A. Shriner. 2017. Impact of body condition on influenza A virus infection dynamics in mallards following a secondary exposure. Plos ONE 12(4): e0175757.  doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0175757

Rockweit, J.T., A.B. Franklin, and P.C. Carlson. 2017. Differential impacts of wildfire on the population dynamics of an old-forest species.Ecology 98(6):1574-1582.  doi: 10.1002/ecy.1805

Root, J.J., S.A. Shriner, J.W. Ellis, K.K. VanDalen, and A.B. Franklin. 2017. Transmission of H6N2 wild bird-origin influenza A virus among multiple bird species in a stacked-cage setting. Archives of Virology 162(9):2617-2624. doi: 10.1007/s00705-017-3397-y

Shriner, S.A., J.J. Root, N.L. Mooers, J.W. Ellis, S.R. Stopak, H.J. Sullivan, K.K. VanDalen, and A.B. Franklin. 2016. Susceptibility of rock doves to low-pathogenic avian influenza A viruses. Archives of Virology 161:715-720.   doi:  10.1007/s00705-015-2685-7  

Franklin, A.B. and K.C. VerCauteren. 2016. Keeping wildlife out of your food: Mitigation and control strategies to reduce the transmission risk of food-borne pathogens. In M. Jay-Russell and M. P. Doyle, editors. Food Safety Risks from Wildlife. Springer International Publishing. Pgs.183-199.  doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-24442-6_8

Duggar, K.M., E.D. Forsman, A.B. Franklin, R.J. Davis, G.C. White, et al. 2016. The effects of habitat, climate, and Barred Owls on long-term demography of Northern Spotted Owls. The Condor. 118:57-116.  doi: 10.1650/CONDOR-15-24.1  

Root, J.J., S.A. Shriner, J.W. Ellis, K.K. VanDalen, H.J. Sullivan, and A.B. Franklin. 2015. When fur and feather occur together: Interclass transmission of avian influenza A virus from mammals to birds through common resources. Scientific Reports 5:14354.  doi: 10.1038/srep14354

Lewicki, K.E., K.P. Huyvaert, A.J. Piaggio, L.V. Diller, and  A.B. Franklin. 2015. Effects of barred owl (Strix varia) range expansion on Haemoproteus parasite assemblage dynamics and transmission in barred and northern spotted owls (Strix occidentalis caurina). Biological Invasions 17(6):1713-1727. doi: 10.1007/s10530-014-0828-5

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