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Methods and Strategies for Controlling Rabies

Project goals and objectives

PROJECT GOAL: To serve the National Rabies Management Program and aid in the control of rabies through the conduct of research that aids in the overall understanding of rabies and helps the Program optimize management by the development of better strategies, methods and tools for controlling infection and spread in wildlife for the benefit of humans, livestock and wildlife.

Objective 1: Evaluation of iophenoxic acid and alternative biomarkers in rabies reservoir hosts.

Objective 2: Evaluation and harmonization of rabies laboratory diagnostic test platforms.

Objective 3: Development and evaluation of vaccines, baits and attractant products to enhance delivery of live vaccines to free-ranging mesocarnivores.

Objective 4: Refinement of baiting strategies in suburban and urban habitats.

Objective 5: Development of an oral rabies vaccination program in Puerto Rico to control mongoose rabies

Objective 6: Host ecology, genetics, and modeling to enhance operational surveillance and ORV, and identify control points for disease transmission

Objective 7: Disease dynamics of rabies in bats and strategies to control rabies circulation or exposures associated with bats



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