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Project Goals and Objectives

Project Goals and Objectives

Methods and Strategies to Manage Invasive Species Impacts to Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Human Health and Safety

PROJECT GOAL: Develop safe and effective methods and strategies to manage the effects of invasive species to agriculture, natural resources, and human health and safety in island ecosystems.

Objective 1: Develop and evaluate rodenticides (diphacinone, chlorophacinone and brodifacoum) for use in native conservation areas, island eradications, and agricultural crops (seed crops and tropical fruits).

Objective 2: Develop and evaluate methods to address bird damage in agriculture and bird strike hazards at airports.

Objective 3: Conduct research in basic wildlife biology and ecology to develop and enhance wildlife control methods for invasive mammals.

Objective 4: Identify, develop and evaluate chemical methods to control invasive amphibians and reptiles.

Objective 5: Evaluate effects and develop methods to control invasive brown treesnakes.

Objective 6: Provide service assistance to stakeholders through consultations.

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