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Project Goal and Objectives
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Project Goal and Objectives

Chemical and Metabolic Approaches for Minimizing Human-Wildlife Conflicts


PROJECT GOAL: Development of new and improved wildlife management tools through research in the application of biomarkers, chemical perception, and pharmacology as well as continued delivery of high-quality analytical support for Wildlife Services research and operational activities.

Objective 1: Discover chemical indicators of biological processes (biomarkers) for monitoring wildlife populations and delivery of damage management tools.

Objective 2: Investigate chemically-mediated processes and behaviors in wildlife to develop new or improved tools.

Objective 3: Evaluate toxicology and metabolism of chemical agents to improve efficacy and minimize secondary hazards.

Objective 4: Develop quantitative techniques to monitor chemicals used for damage management.

Objective 5: Provide analytical services and product formulation support for Wildlife Services' activities.

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Project Goal and Objectives
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