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Predator Project Goals and Objectives

Developing Control Methods, Evaluating Impacts, and Applying Ecology, Behavior, Genetics, and Demographics to Manage Predators

PROJECT GOAL: Improve the current knowledge of predator ecology, behavior, genetics, and demographics relative to predators and depredation on species of human concern, assess predator responses to management strategies, and develop techniques and control methods to effectively assess and manage mammalian predation on livestock and natural resources.

Objective 1: Document the ecological relationships between predators and livestock, natural resources, and human health and safety in wild and urban environments.

Objective 2: Document the effects of behavior and nutrition on coyote reproduction, social dominance, and space use as it relates to predation and population demographics.

Objective 3: Development of control methodologies for managing predation on livestock and natural resources.

Objective 4: Develop, optimize, and use molecular markers for species ID and individual ID of predators and other wildlife for estimation of population differentiation, population membership, population connectivity, relatedness, assignment of individuals to population of origin, and evolutionary relationships.

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Project Goal and Objectives
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