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2014 Coyote Symposium

From 2010-2014, USDA National Wildlife Research Center scientist Dr. Stewart Breck and partners conducted a series of studies investigating urban coyote behavior and ecology, as well as human interactions, perceptions, and roles related to coyote management in the Denver Metro Area. Major themes of the research included the following:

  1. a better understanding of when and where coyote-human conflicts occur
  2. insights into the attitudes and beliefs of the public toward coyotes and coyote management
  3. economic analyses of the costs of human-coyote conflicts and management
  4. behavioral, ecological and population studies of urban coyotes
  5. effectiveness of nonlethal and lethal management methods, including educational efforts for reducing human-coyote conflicts 


Data from 24 radio-collared coyotes in the Denver Metro Area were analyzed to learn more about coyote movements and behavior, home range sizes, diet, disease status, and population estimates. A Citizen Science program was also implemented to record urban coyote behavior and interactions with people and domestic pets.

Results from these and other efforts were highlighted in at the 2014 Coyote Symposium on November 5, 2014 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Copies of the presentations can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

2014 Coyote Symposium Videos: 

Welcome and Overview of Urban Coyote Study
Stewart Breck, USDA National Wildlife Research Center 7:54
Coyote Experience-Broomfield
Pete Dunlaevy, City and County of Broomfield 14:35
Coyote Watch Citizen Science Program
Mary Ann Bonnell, Jefferson County Open Space 17:46
Coyote Ecology: Findings from the Denver Metro Area
Sharon Poessel, Utah State University 37:11
What is Human Dimensions and Why is it Important ?
Tara Teel, Colorado State University 30:23
Human Dimensions Survey in Denver Metro Area
Andrew Don Carlos, Colorado State University 23:15
Coyote Behavior: The Urban Coyote Culture
Stewart Breck, USDA National Wildlife Research Center 34:58
Coyote Hazing Study
Mary Ann Bonnell, Jefferson County Open Space 31:15
Coyote Management - Colorado Laws and Regulations
Jerrie McKee, Colorado Parks and Wildlife 18:43
Management Implications
Stewart Breck, USDA National Wildlife Research Center 21:36



  • City and County of Broomfield
  • Colorado State University, Warner College of Natural Resources
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • Jefferson County Open Space
  • Utah State University


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