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Wildlife Disease

Wildlife-Associated Pathogens Affecting Agricultural Health, Food Security, and Food Safety 
NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO
Understanding the role that wildlife plays as reservoirs and transmitters of pathogens affecting agricultural and human health, developing quantitative risk assessments for agricultural biosecurity, and developing methods to mitigate transmission risks of wildlife-associated pathogens to humans and agricultural operations.

Reducing Feral Swine and Ungulate Impacts
NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO
Developing surveillance strategies and management tools to control wildlife diseases that affect humans and livestock. Assessing the potential for bovine tuberculosis and chronic wasting disease transmission at the interface between wild and domestic cervids, and developing methods to reduce transmission and spread of the disease.  

National Wildlife Disease Program 
The National Wildlife Disease Program (NWDP) promotes safe agricultural trade by protecting the health of humans, animals, plants and ecosystems to reduce the levels of incurred losses to agricultural and natural resources.

NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO
Studying the ecology of wildlife and evaluating risk factors that may be involved with the transmission of rabies among wildlife and across landscapes and developing methods and strategies that reduce or eliminate such transmission

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