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Research Areas

Agriculture and Resource Protection Research focuses on reducing bird damage to forest and agricultural crops and aquaculture facilities; reducing bird-aircraft collisions; developing new bird repellents; and reducing livestock predation losses.

Invasive Species and Technology Development Research encompasses studies supporting pesticide registration, formulation chemistry, chemical analysis, benefit-cost analysis, population analysis, and wildlife contraceptive development. Additional research focuses on invasive vertebrate species.

Wildlife Disease Research explores ways to reduce the spread and transmission of diseases from wildlife to humans and domestic animals; monitors wildlife for pathogens; provides risk assessments for agriculture and human health and safety; and assists WS Operations in surveillance and monitoring efforts.

Research Projects and Programs:

Aquaculture Damage
NWRC Research Project—Starkville, MS

NWRC Research Project — Fort Collins, CO 

Avian and Invasive Species Populations 
NWRC Research Project—Gainesville, FL

Brown Treesnake Management
NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO

Chemosensory Tools 
NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO

Development of Repellent Applications            
NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO

NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO

Impacts on Forest Resources 
NWRC Research Project—Corvallis, OR

Invasive Mammalian Species 
NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO

Managing Invasive Species in Hawaiian Agriculture 
NWRC Research Project—Hilo, HI

National Wildlife Disease Program
Fort Collins, CO

Predator Ecology and Management 
NWRC Research Project—Logan, UT

Product Registration 
Providing tools for Wildlife Services, Fort Collins, CO

NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO

Reducing Feral Swine and Ungulate Impacts

NWRC Rearch Project --Fort Collins, CO              

Reproductive Control 
NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO              

Sunflower Damage and Damage at Feedlots 
NWRC Research Project—Bismarck, ND

Wildlife Genetics
NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO

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