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Invasive Species Research

Invasive Species in Island Ecosystems 
NWRC Research Project—Hilo, HI
Developing effective methods and strategies for managing invasive species damage to agricultural crops, natural resources, and human health and safety in Hawaii and other islands.

Invasive Mammalian Species 
NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO
Investigating promising methods and strategies for surveillance, management, and eradication of established and potential invasive animal species.

Brown Treesnake Management 
NWRC Research Project—Fort Collins, CO
Focusing on management of the brown treesnake through development of repellents, attractants, toxicants, fumigants, reproductive inhibitors and improved trapping methods.

Avian and Invasive Species Population Management 
NWRC Research Project—Gainesville, FL
Looking at methods to age birds, estimate bird population sizes, estimate total numbers of birds affected by avicide use, control reproduction in birds, and track bird movements and activities subsequent to roost dispersal.



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