NWRC Staff List

NWRC Staff List

Careers at the National Wildlife Research Center

The National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) employs scientists, technicians, and support personnel with expertise in a wide variety of scientific disciplines.  Together, these experts develop new tools and techniques to resolve human-wildlife conflicts.

Several of these interesting and challenging positions are highlighted in a series of video vignettes.  To learn more about the Center's careers in wildlife research, animal care, chemistry, and technology transfer, click on the links below.

NWRC Primary Contacts

Director's Office (Fort Collins)
Larry Clark, PhD, Director
Thomas J. Deliberto, DVM, Assistant Director
Thomas Gidlewski, DVM, Program Manager National Wildlife Disease Program, Attending Veternarian  NWRC
John Eisemann, MS, Program Manager Technology Transfer
Kristine A. Tadros, Administrative Officer

Research Staff  (Fort Collins, CO)
Aaron M. Anderson, PhD, Economist
John A. Baroch, Wildlife Disease Biologist
Sarah Bevins, PhD, Research Biologist 
Are R. Berentsen, Wildlife Biologist
Stewart W. Breck, PhD, Wildlife Biologist
James C. Carlson, MS, Wildlife Biologist
Shelagh T. Deliberto, MS, Wildlife Biologist
Douglas C. Eckery, PhD, Research Physiologist 
Richard M. Engeman, PhD,  Research Biologist
Justin W. Fischer, MS, Wildlife Biologist
Alan B. Franklin, Supervisory Research Biologist
Dr. Amy T. Gilbert,  PhD, Research Biologist
David A.Goldade, MS, Chemist
Dr. Katherine E. Horak, Research Biologist (Toxicologist)
Shylo R. Johnson, Biologist
Dennis Kohler, Wildlife Disease Biologist
Michael J. Lavelle, Wildlife Biologist
Mark W. Lutman, Wildlife Disease Biologist
Richard E. Mauldin, MS, Chemist

Kim M. Pepin, PhD,  Research Biologist 
Kerri Pedersen, Wildlife Disease Biologist
Toni Piaggio, PhD, Research Biologist (Genetics)
J. Jeffrey Root, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist
Aaron B. Shiels, PhD, Research Biologist
Brandon S. Schmit, Wildlife Disease Biologist
Susan A. Shriner, PhD, Research Biologist
Stephanie A. Shwiff, PhD, Research Economist 
Nathan P. Snow, PhD, Research Biologist 
Randal S. Stahl, PhD, Chemist
Heather J. Sullivan, Biologist
Kaci K. VanDalenBiologist
Kurt Vercauteren, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist
Steven F. Volker, Chemist 
Scott J. Werner, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist
Gary W. Witmer, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist
Field Stations:
Philadelphia, PA   
Bruce Kimball, PhD, Research Chemist
Fargo, ND
Page E. Klug, PhD, Supervisory Research Wildlife Biologist
Hilo, HI
Shane R. Siers, PhD, Supervisory Research Wildlife Biologist
Christopher N. Niebuhr, PhD, Research Biologist 
Dean K. Foster, MS, Wildlife Biologist
Sandusky, OH
Travis L. DeVault,  PhD, Supervisory Research Wildlife Biologist
Brian E. Washburn, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist
Brad F. Blackwell, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist
Thomas W. Seamans, MS, Wildlife Biologist
Morgan Pfeiffer,  PhD, Wildlife Biologist (postdoctoral researcher)
Starkville, MS
Frederick L. Cunningham, DVM, Research Biologist
Brian S. Dorr, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist
D. Tommy King, Research Wildlife Biologist

Logan, UT
Julie K. Young, PhD, Supervisory Research Wildlife Biologist
Eric M. Gese, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist
Stewart Breck, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist (Located in Fort Collins, CO
Corvallis, OR
Jimmy D. Taylor II, PhD, Supervisory Research Wildlife Biologist
Gainesville, FL
Eric A. Tillman, Wildlife Biologist
John S. Humphrey, Wildlife Biologist

Supporting Services (Fort Collins, CO) 
Jenna M. Edwards, MA, Supervisory Technical Information Specialist
Laura Greiner, Quality Assurance Manager
Gail M. Keirn , MS, Legislative and Public Affairs
Jeanette O'Hare , MS, Pesticide Registration Specialist
Emily Ruell, MS, Pesticide Registration Specialist
Sara Szakaly, MLIS, Archivist/Records Manager

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