Lutman, Mark

Lutman, Mark

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Mark W. Lutman,
Wildlife Disease


NWRC Research: National Wildlife Disease Program

Current Projects

  • Avian influenza
  • Feral swine comprehensive diseases
  • BTV & EHD
  • Plague
  • Tularemia
  • GIS mapping
  • Data management


  • M.S., Zoology, North Dakota State University
  • B.S., Biology, North Dakota State University

Contact Information

  • Address: Wildlife Services, NWRC, 4101 LaPorte Ave, Fort Collins, CO, 80521
  • Telephone: 970-266-6077
  • Fax: 970-266-6063
  • E-mail:

Recent Publications

Martin, B.E., H. Sun, M. Carrel, F.L. Cunningham, J.A. Baroch, K.C. Hanson-Dorr, S.G. Young, B. Schmit, J.M. Nolting, K. Yoon, M.W. Lutman, K. Pedersen, K. Lager, A.S. Bowman, R.D. Slemons, D.R. Smith, T. DeLiberto, and X. Wan. 2017. Feral swine in the United States have been exposed to both avian and swine influenza A viruses. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 83:e01346-17. doi: 10.1128/AEM.01346-17 

Shriner, S.A., J.J. Root, M.W. Lutman, J.M. Kloft, K.K. VanDalen, H.J. Sullivan, T.S. White, M.P. Milleson, J.L. Hairston, S.C. Chandler, P.C. Wolf, C.T. Turnage, B.J. McCluskey, A.L. Vincent, M.K. Torchetti, T. Gidlewski, and T.J.DeLiberto. 2016. Surveillance for highly pathogenic H5 avian influenza virus in synanthropic wildlife associated with poultry farms during an acute outbreak. Scientific reports 6:36237.  doi: 10.1038/srep36237  

Sun, H., F.L. Cunningham, J. Harris, Y. Xu, L-P. Long, K. Hanson-Dorr, J.A. Baroch, P. Fioranelli, M.W. Lutman, T. Li, K. Pedersen, B.S. Schmit, J. Cooley, X. Lin,  R.G. Jarman, T.J. Deliberto, X-F. Wan. 2015. Dynamics of virus shedding and antibody responses in influenza A virus-infected feral swine. Journal of General Virology 96(9):2569-2578.  doi:10.1099/jgv.0.000225

McClure, M.L., C.L Burdett, M.L. Farnsworth, M.W. Lutman, D.M. Theobald, P.D. Riggs, D.A. Grear, and R.S. Miller. 2015. Modeling and mapping the probability of occurrence of invasive wild pigs across the contiguous United States. PLoS One 10(8):e0133771.  doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0133771

Bevins, S.N., K. Pedersen, M.W. Lutman, J.A. Baroch, B.S. Schmit, D. Kohler, T. Gidlewski, D.L. Nolte, S.R. Swafford, and T.J. DeLiberto. 2014. Large-scale Avian Influenza surveillance in wild birds throughout the United States . PLoSOne 9(8): e104360. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0104360.

Linz, G.M., R.S. Sawin, and M.W. Lutman. 2014. The influence of breeding experience on nest success in Red-winged Blackbird. Western North American Naturalist 74(1):123-129. doi: 10.3398/064.074.0113.

Feng, Z., J.A. Baroch, L.-P. Long, Y. Xu., F.L. Cunningham, K. Pedersen, M.W. Lutman, B.S. Schmit, A.S. Bowman, T.J. DeLiberto, and X.-F. Wan. 2014. Influenza A Subtype H3 viruses in feral swine, United States, 2011-2012. Emerging Infectious Diseases 20(5): 843-846. doi: 10.3201/eid2005.131578.

Bevins, S.N., K. Pedersen, M.W. Lutman, T. Gidlewski, and T.J. DeLiberto. 2014.  Consequences associated with the recent range expansion of nonnative feral swine. BioScience Online 64(4): 291-299.  doi: 10.1093/biosci/biu015.

Clavijo, A., A. Nikooienejad, M. S. Esfahani, R. P. Metz, S. Schwartz, E. Atashpaz-Gargari, T. J. Deliberto, et al. 2013. "Identification and Analysis of the First 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Virus from U.S. Feral Swine." Zoonoses and Public Health 60 (5): 327-335.

Deliberto, T. J., S. R. Swafford, D. L. Nolte, K. Pedersen, M. W. Lutman, B. B. Schmit, J. A. Baroch, D. J. Kohler, and A. Franklin. 2009. "Surveillance for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Wild Birds in the USA." Integrative Zoology 4 (4): 426-439.

Farnsworth, M. L., R. S. Miller, K. Pedersen, M. W. Lutman, S. R. Swafford, P. D. Riggs, and C. T. Webb. 2012. "Environmental and Demographic Determinants of Avian Influenza Viruses in Waterfowl Across the Contiguous United States." PLoS ONE 7 (3).

Pedersen, K., S. N. Bevins, B. S. Schmit, M. W. Lutman, M. P. Milleson, C. T. Turnage, T. T. Bigelow, and T. J. Deliberto. 2012. "Apparent Prevalence of Swine Brucellosis in Feral Swine in the United States." Human-Wildlife Interactions 6 (1): 38-47.


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