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Reproductive Control Research Project Goals

Development of Injectable and Oral Contraceptive Technologies and Their Assessment for Wildlife Population and Disease Management

PROJECT GOALS: To develop injectable and oral contraceptives to manage overabundant wildlife populations and reduce the spread of zoonotic diseases.

Objective 1: Develop oral and nasal delivery systems for GnRH reproductive inhibitors.

Objective 2: Develop and improve rapid GnRH antibody assays.

Objective 3: Conduct research to adapt and incorporate GonaCon into wildlife disease control methods.

Objective 4: Reduce injection site reactions of GonaCon

Objective 5: Determine field efficacy of GonaCon in wildlife species.

Objective 6: Determine the effect of health status on the immunological response to GonaCon.

Objective 7: Develop methods to minimize nontarget and secondary risks associated with DiazaCon.

Objective 8: Develop spatially explicit models to determine constraints on use of reproductive control methods for targeted wildlife population managment.

Objective 9: Identify and develop new compounds as potential oral wildlife contraceptives.

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