Vulture Tags

Vulture Tags


Request for assistance

We are conducting research evaluating the movements of wing-tagged vultures. Each tagged bird has a cattle ear tag in its RIGHT wing and each tag has a letter and number (ie. F47 or C20) or a series of 3 letters (ie. AMJ). The birds were marked and released in Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, and Florida, and the tags may be visible from below while the birds soar.

All sightings should be sent to the email or address below indicating the location of the sighting, tag number, species, as well as any other pertinent behavioral or other information. Additionally, the USGS Bird Banding Lab in MD which maintains the central database for marked birds in the North America requests that these reports also be sent to them which can be done by going to

Thank you for any information you may provide.

John S Humphrey
Wildlife Biologist
USDA/APHIS/WS/National Wildlife Research Center
2820 E University Ave
Gainesville, FL 32641
(352) 375-2229

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