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Vampire Bat Rabies Calculator

How does rabies affect my cattle?

Rabies is a fatal viral disease that affects the nervous system of mammals, including humans. Cattle in the certain areas of Mexico are particularly susceptible to rabies infections because of vampire bat presence in the area.

The vampire bats use their razor-sharp front teeth to make a small cut in the cow's hide and then lap the blood from the wound. Rabies can be transmitted through this feeding process.

Only vampire bats feed on the blood of animals but not all vampire bats have rabies. If a vampire bat has rabies and bites your unvaccinated animal, your animal will contract rabies and die.

vampire bat                  

How can I prevent rabies in my cattle?

In Mexico, it has been estimated that about 2% of unvaccinated cattle die from rabies each year, but in some areas of Mexico up to 20% die. Some years, there is less of a rabies problem, and other years there is more of a rabies problem.

Rabies can be prevented through vaccinating your cattle on a regular basis. Your veterinarian or the local livestock representative can supply vaccination, syringes, needles, and advice on vaccination.

It is important that all cattle are vaccinated at least once a year. If the animal is young (under 3 months) it may need several shots to be protected. Ask your veterinarian about the vaccination calendar.

Rabies Calculator

Is vaccinating my herd cost effective?

Step 1: Calculate the value of your herd

Number of Animals:
Weight of an Adult Animal: kilograms
Price per Live Kilogram: pesos


Step 2: Calculate the cost of vaccinating your herd

Cost of Vaccination: pesos

If the cost of vaccination in your area is not 10 pesos, please type the correct number in the box above.


Step 3: Predict how much income you could potentially lose due to a rabies outbreak

During a rabies outbreak, about 2% of unvaccinated animals die.


Step 4: Decide whether it is cost-effective to vaccinate your herd

If a rabies outbreak would cause you higher losses than the cost of vaccinating your animals, vaccination is recommended.



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