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Economics Project Goals and Objectives


Economic Research of Human-Wildlife Conflicts: Methods and Assessments

PROJECT GOALS: To conduct economic research of human-wildlife conflicts involving damaging wildlife populations, invasive species and wildlife-transmitted diseases; and, to develop improved methodology for assessing the benefits and costs of NWRC products and WS operations.

Objective 1: Quantify bird/rodent damage to agriculture and infrastructure.

Objective 2: Quantify economic impacts of invasive wildlife, including feral hogs and reptiles.

Objective 3: Quantify economic impacts associated with vampire bat rabies and other priority wildlife diseases.

Objective 4: Quantify the benefits and costs of USDA/Wildlife Services and damage management activities for predators (to protect threatened & endangered species) and other priority species.

Objective 5: Develop improved economic analytical methodology for assessing wildlife damage, including input-output modeling.

Objective 6: Transferring technology: Conduct studies and empirical analyses in cooperation with Wildlife Services personnel, NWRC scientists and other scientific partners.

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Project Goal and Objectives 
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