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Automated Aerial Bait Broadcast

Aerial suppression of brown treesnakes is key to the management of snakes on a landscape scale. NWRC has demonstrated that snake populations on Guam can be managed using the aerial application of baits with acetaminophen.  One of the principal logistical concerns with scaling these operations to larger areas is the obvious need to automate both the bait production and the aerial dispensing of the bait. In response to this need, we developed an aerial suppression system that automates bait dispensing from either helicopters or fixed wing aircraft.  The system offers the capability to provide near pinpoint dispensing of thousands of baits in a matter of minutes. This new system provides a fully integrated solution that considers bait cartridges, the dispensing system module, and all supporting infrastructure and logistics for practical manufacturing, storing, and flight-line handling of the bait cartridges. The system is being developed as a collaborative effort with Applied Design Corporation, the Department of Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs, and NWRC.


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