Project Goals and Objectives

Project Goals and Objectives


Methods Development and Population Biology of Blackbirds and Starlings in Conflict with Agriculture, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, and Urban Environments

PROJECT GOAL: Develop methods to manage blackbird and starling damage with lethal and nonlethal approaches and develop knowledge of local and regional effects of management actions on the ecology and biology of these birds.

Objective 1: Evaluation, development, and application strategies for wildlife repellents.

Objective 2: Developing unified DRC-1339 mortality and allowable-take models.

Objective 3: Evaluate perennial sunflower plantings for managing blackbird damage to ripening crops.

Objective 4: Blackbird movements, migration, and winter roost locations.

Objective 5: Characterizing and managing wildlife damage in dairies.

Objective 6: Wildlife Services information transfer and technical assistance.


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