Registration Unit Publications

Registration Unit Publications


Registration Publications

11-AVERY, M. L., J. D. EISEMANN, K. L. KEACHER, AND P. J. SAVARIE. 2011. Acetaminophen and zinc phosphide for lethal management of invasive lizards Ctenosaura similis. Current Zoology 57:625-629.

11-EISEMANN, J. D., S. J. WERNER, AND J. R. O'HARE. 2011. Registration considerations for chemical bird repellents in fruit crops. Outlooks on Pest Management 22:87-91.

10-35 EASON, C. T., K. A. FAGERSTONE, J. T. EISEMANN, S. HUMPHRYS, J. R. O'HARE, AND S. J. LAPIDGE. 2010. A review of existing and potential New World and Australasian vertebrate pesticides with a rationale for linking use patterns to registration patterns. International Journal of Pest Management 56:109-125. 214K

10-36 EISEMANN, J. D., C. E. SWIFT, P. A. DUNLEVY, W. C. PITT, AND G. W. WITMER. 2010. Regulatory and policy issues around nontarget mortality and environmental fate of rodenticides. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 24:208-212. 182K

08-30 FAGERSTONE, K. A., L. A. MILLER, J. D. EISEMANN, J. R. O'HARE, AND J. P. GIONFRIDDO. 2008. Registration of wildlife contraceptives in the United States of America with OvoControl tm and GonaCon tm immunocontraceptive vaccines as examples. Wildlife Research 35:586-592. 167K

07-17 BYNUM, K. S., J. D. EISEMAN, G. C. WEAVER, C. A. YODER, K. A. FAGERSTONE, AND L. MILLER. 2007. Nicarbazin OvoControl G bait reduces hatchability of eggs laid by resident Canada geese in Oregon. Journal of Wildlife Management 71:135-143. 113K

06-23 EISEMANN, J. D., K. A. FAGERSTONE, AND J. R. O'HARE. 2006. Wildlife contraceptives: a regulatory hot potato. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:63-66. 81K

06-24 EISEMANN, J. D., AND C. E. SWIFT. 2006. Ecological and human health hazards from broadcast application of 0.005% diphacinone rodenticide baits in native Hawaiian ecosytems. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:413-433. 370K

06-32 FAGERSTONE, K. A., L. A. MILLER, K. S. BYNUM, J. D. EISEMANN, AND C. YODER. 2006. When, where and for what wildlife species will contraception be a useful management approach? Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:45-54. 192K

06-40 GIONFRIDDO, J. P., J. D. EISEMANN, K. J. SULLIVAN, R. S. HEALEY, AND L. A. MILLER. 2006. Field test of GonaCon immunocontraceptive vaccine in free-ranging female white-tailed deer. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:78-81. 92K

06-48 KILLIAN, G., J. D. EISEMANN, D. WAGNER, J. WERNER, D. SHAW, R. ENGEMAN, AND L. MILLER. 2006. Safety and toxicity evaluation of GonaCon immunocontraceptive vaccine in white-tailed deer. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:82-87. 205K 

06-68 O'HARE, J. R., J. D. EISEMANN, AND K. A. FAGERSTONE. 2006. Changes in the taxonomic nomenclature and conservation status of ground squirrel species: implications for pesticide labeling and use of zinc phosphide. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:450-457. 754K

05-14 BYNUM, K. S., C. A. YODER, J. D. EISEMANN, J. J. JOHNSTON, AND L. A. MILLER. 2005. Development of nicarbazin as a reproductive inhibitor for resident Canada geese. Proceedings of the Wildlife Damage Management Conference 11:179-189. 87K

05-45 JOHNSTON, J. J., W. C. PITT, R. T. SUGIHARA, J. D. EISEMANN, T. M. PRIMUS, M. J. HOLMES, J. CROCKER, AND A. HART. 2005. Probabilistic risk assessment for snails, slugs, and endangered honeycreepers in diphacinone rodenticide baited areas on Hawaii, USA. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 24:1557-1567. 957K

04-29 FAGERSTONE, K. A., J. J. JOHNSTON, AND P. J. SAVARIE. 2004. Predacides for canid predation management. Sheep & Goat Research Journal 19:76-79. (PDF; 317KB)

03-28 EISEMANN, J. D., B. E. PETERSEN, AND K. A. FAGERSTONE. 2003. Efficacy of zinc phosphide for controlling Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, Peromyscus spp., prairie dogs and ground squirrels: a literature review (1942-2000). Pages 335-349 in K. A. Fagerstone, and G. W. Witmer editors. Proceedings of the 10th Wildlife Damage Management Conference. (April 6-9, 2003, Hot Springs, Arkansas). The Wildlife Damage Management Working Group of The Wildlife Society, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. 216K 

03-29 EISEMANN, J. D., P. A. PIPAS, AND J. L. CUMMINGS. 2003. Acute and chronic toxicity of compound DRC-1339 (3-chloro-4-methylaniline hydrochloride) to birds. Pages 49-63 in George M. Linz, editor. Management of North American blackbirds. National Wildlife Research Center, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. 201K  (An improved copy of Figure 1 is here.)

03-77 PIPAS, P. A., J. L. CUMMINGS, J. D. EISEMANN, AND R. M. ENGEMAN. 2003. Nontarget bird use of DRC-1339 bait sites during operational baiting programs in Louisiana and Texas. Pages 71-78 in George M. Linz, editor. Management of North American blackbirds. National Wildlife Research Center, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. 131K

02-29 EISEMANN, J. D., AND B. E. PETERSEN. 2002. Human poisonings and rodenticides: evaluation of incidents reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Proceedings: Vertebrate Pest Conference 20:290-294. (PDF; 348KB)

02-39 FAGERSTONE, K. A. 2002. Professional use of pesticides in wildlife management - an overview of professional wildlife damage management. Proceedings: Vertebrate Pest Conference 20:253-260. (PDF; 589KB)



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