National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC)

National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC)


Management of North American Blackbirds

George M. Linz, Editor

Proceedings of a special symposium of The Wildlife Society 9th Annual Conference
September 27, 2002
Bismarck, North Dakota



A national perspective on Wildlife Services' role in the management of blackbird-human conflicts…..William H. Clay (PDF; 397KB)


The Migratory Bird Treaty Act and concerns for nontarget birds relative to spring baiting with DRC-1339…..Lawrence R. Gamble, Kevin M. Johnson, Greg Linder and Elisabeth A. Harrahy (PDF; 250KB)



Sunflower losses to blackbirds: an economic burden…..Larry Kleingartner (PDF; 279KB)



The intersection of public policy and blackbirds using the Department of Agriculture's blackbird-poisoning program..... Perry Plumart (PDF; 322KB)



Positive and negative values of blackbirds…..Michael R. Conover and Nicole H. McCoy (PDF; 595KB)



Reducing blackbird-human conflicts in agriculture and feedlots: new methods for an integrated management approach…..George M. Linz, H. Jeffrey Homan, Linda B. Penry and Philip Mastrangelo (PDF; 556KB) 



Blackbird pesticide registrations and registration requirements…..William W. Jacobs (PDF; 855KB)



Understanding blackbird sensory systems and how repellent applications work…..Scott J. Werner and Larry Clark (PDF; 1,749KB)



Chemical repellents for reducing crop damage by blackbirds.....Michael L. Avery and John L. Cummings (PDF; 211KB)



Acute and chronic toxicity of compound DRC-1339 (3-chloro-4-methylaniline hydrochloride) to birds…..John D. Eisemann, Patricia A. Pipas, and John L. Cummings (PDF; 242KB) (An improved copy of Figure 1 is here.)



Nontarget bird exposure to DRC-1339 during fall in North Dakota and spring in South Dakota…..Thomas W. Custer, Christine M. Custer, Paul M. Dummer, George M. Linz, Louis Sileo, Randal S. Stahl, and John J. Johnston (PDF; 141KB)



Nontarget bird use of DRC-1339 bait sites during operational baiting programs in Louisiana and Texas….. Patricia A. Pipas, John L. Cummings, John D. Eisemann, and Richard M. Engeman (PDF; 651KB)



Dietary toxicity test for 2% DRC-1339-treated brown rice on nontarget avian species…..John L. Cummings, Darryl L. York, Kirk J. Shively, Patricia A. Pipas, Randal S. Stahl, and James E. Davis, Jr. (PDF; 124KB)



Effects of DRC-1339 (3-chloro-4-methylaniline hydrochloride) avicide on pheasant reproduction…..Daniel E. Hubbard, and Regg D. Neiger (PDF; 127KB)


Blackbird and starling strikes to civil aircraft, 1990-2001…..Scott C. Barras, Sandra E. Wright, and Thomas W. Seamans (PDF; 106KK)


Estimating the number of nonbreeding male red-winged blackbirds in central North Dakota.....Richard S. Sawin, George M. Linz, Ryan L. Wimberly, Mark W. Lutman, and William J. Bleier (PDF; 164KB)


A review of pathogens of agricultural and human health interest found in blackbirds…..Larry Clark, and Robert G. McLean (PDF; 311KB)



Abstracts and Presentations  

Abstracts and presentations listed below are found in one file (PDF; 82KB) 



USA Rice Federation perspectives on the impacts of blackbirds on the rice industry…..John Denison


Population dynamics of the most abundant bird in North America: the red-winged blackbird….Richard A. Dolbeer


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service perspective on control of blackbirds causing crop damages….Paul E. Gertler 


Distribution of a radio-labeled avicide in two species of birds following a single, oral dose...David A. Goldade, John J. Johnston, and John D. Tessari


Wildlife Services NEPA compliance and status of the sunflower protection EIS....David J. Hayes



Spring dispersal patterns of red-winged blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus) staging in eastern South Dakota....H. Jeffrey Homan, George M. Linz, Richard M. Engeman and Linda B. Penry



Management of blackbird/human conflicts: a national overview of USDA/Wildlife Services programs....Philip M. Mastrangelo and Monte D. Chandler



Impact of blackbird damage to sunflower: bioenergetic and economic models....Brian D. Peer, H. Jeffrey Homan, George M. Linz and William J. Bleier



The risk of avian botulism outbreaks from avicide DRC-1339 in North Dakota wetlands....Michael D. Samuel, Diana R. Goldberg, Tonie E. Rocke and Kevin M. Johnson



Status and perspective of South Dakota Game Fish and Parks regarding blackbird management....George M. Vandel III



The impact of blackbird depredation on ripening sunflower: the North Dakota perspective on the need for better stakeholder relationships and effective management methods....Jeffrey Weispfenning


LINZ, G. M., editor. 2003. Management of North American blackbirds. National Wildlife Research Center, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

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