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Patent for New Bird Repellent Technology

Patent for New Bird Repellent Technology

Congratulations to NWRC research wildlife biologist Dr. Scott Werner! On September 15, 2015, the U.S. Patent and Trade Office issued a patent for his method “Ultraviolet Strategy for Avian Repellency.” This method for repelling birds from a crop or other resource is unique. First, a bird repellent is applied to the target crop in high enough quantities to repel birds. Then, one or two subsequent treatments are applied that include not only the repellent, but also a visual cue. This visual cue exhibits an ultraviolet (UV) absorbance spectrum or color similar to the repellent.


The addition of the visual cue allows future repellent applications to be applied at lower concentrations. Because of the potential cost savings and the opportunity for non-lethal damage management, commercial development is underway for repellent applications that incorporate this technology.

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