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2012 Publications

NWRC Annual Publications List 2012

NWRC has made digital copies of its authors' published papers available on this website as part of its effort to disseminate research findings. Copies of the papers are to be used for noncommercial, personal and educational purposes only.

12-001. Allen, B.L., P.J.S. Fleming, M. Hayward, L.R. Allen, R.M. Engeman, G. Ballard, and L.K.-P. Leung. 2012. Top-predators as biodiversity regulators: contemporary issues affecting knowledge and management of dingoes in Australia. Pages 85-132 in G. A. Lameed, editor. Biodiversity Enrichment in a Diverse World. InTech Open Access. doi: 10.5772/50246.

12-002. Anderson, A., K. Kirkpatrick and S.A. Shwiff. 2012. The net benefits of controlling bird and rodent pests in wine grape and avocado production. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 25: 353-356.

12-003. Annala, M., E.A. Tillman, G. Backus, K.L. Keacher, and M.L. Avery. 2012. Crow pellets from winter roosts in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Northeastern Naturalist 19(3): 527-532.

12-004. Avery, M.L., E.A. Tillman, K.L. Keacher, J.E. Arnett, and K.J. Lundy. 2012. Biology of invasive Monk parakeets in south Florida. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 124: 581-588.

12-005. Beard, K., and W. Pitt. 2012. Eleutherodactylus coqui Thomas (Caribbean tree frog). Pages 311-319 in Francis, Robert A., editor. Handbook of Global Freshwater Invasive Species. Earthscan. London, United Kingdom.

12-006. Beasley, J.C., W.S. Beatty, T.C. Atwood, S.R. Johnson, and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. 2012. A comparison of methods for estimating raccoon abundance: Implications for disease vaccination programs. Journal of Wildlife Management 76(6): 1290-1297.

12-007. Beasley, J.C., Z.H. Olson and T.L. DeVault. 2012. Carrion cycling in food webs: Comparisons among terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Oikos 121(7): 1021-1026.

12-008. Beatty, W.S., J.C. Beasley, G. Dharmarajan, and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. 2012. Genetic structure of a Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana) population inhabiting a fragmented agricultural ecosystem. Canadian Journal of Zoology 90(1): 101-109.

12-009. Bentler, K.T., D.N. Gossett, and J.J. Root. 2012. A novel isoflurane anesthesia induction system for raccoons. Wildlife Society Bulletin 36(4):807–812; 2012; doi: 10.1002/wsb.193.

12-010. Berentsen A.R., M. Becker, H. Stockdale-Walden, W. Matandiko, R. McRobb, and M.R. Dunbar. 2012. Survey of gastrointestinal parasite infection in African lion (Panthera leo), African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) and spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta) in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia. African Zoology 47: 363-368.

12-011. Berg, N.D., E.M. Gese, J.R. Squires, and L.M. Aubry. 2012. Influence of forest structure on the abundance of snowshoe hares in western Wyoming. Journal of Wildlife Management 76(7): 1480-1488.

12-012. Besser, T.E., M.A. Highland, K. Baker, E.F. Cassirer, N.J. Anderson, J.M. Ramsey, K. Mansfield, D.L. Bruning, P. Wolff, J.B. Smith, and J.A. Jenks. 2012. Causes of pneumonia epizootics among bighorn sheep, Western United States, 2008-2010. Emerging Infectious Diseases 18: 406-14. doi: 10.3201/eid1803.111554.

12-013. Bevins, S.N., J.A. Baroch, D.L. Nolte, M. Zhang, and H. He. 2012. Yersinia pestis: examining wildlife plague surveillance in China and the USA. Integrative Zoology 7: 99-109.

12-014. Bevins, S.N., S. Carver, E.E. Boydston, L.M. Lyren, M. Alldredge, K.A. Logan, S.P. Riley, R.N. Fisher, T.W. Vickers, W. Boyce, M. Salman, M.R. Lappin, K.R. Crooks, and S. VandeWoude. 2012. Three pathogens in sympatric populations of pumas, bobcats, and domestic cats: implications for infectious disease transmission. PloS One (Online: www. plosone. org) 7:e31403, doi: 10.1371/journal. pone0031403.

12-015. Biggins, D.E., L.R. Hanebury, and K.A. Fagerstone. 2012. Digging behaviors of radio-tagged black-footed ferrets near Meeteetse, Wyoming, 19811984. Western North American Naturalist 72: 148-157.

12-016. Blackwell, B.F, T.L. DeVault, T.W. Seamans, S.L. Lima, P. Baumhardt, and E. Fernández-Juricic. 2012. Exploiting avian vision with aircraft lighting to reduce bird strikes. Journal of Applied Ecology 49(4): 758-766.

12-017. Blackwell, B.F., T.W. Seamans, L.A. Tyson, J.L. Belant, and K.C. VerCauteren. 2012. Exploiting antipredator behavior in white-tailed deer for resource protection. Wildlife Society Bulletin 36: 546-553.

12-018. Breck S., P. Clark, L. Howery, D. Johnson, B. Kluever, S. Smallidge, and A. Cibils. 2012. A perspective on livestock wolf interactions on western rangelands. Rangelands 34: 6-11.

12-019. Breck, S. W., M.I. Goldstein, and S. Pyare. 2012. Site-occupancy monitoring of an ecosystem indicator: linking characteristics of riparian vegetation to beaver occurrence. Western North American Naturalist 72: 432-441.

12-020. Campbell, T.A., M.J. Bodenchuk, J.D. Eisemann, S.J. Lapridge, L. Staples, and P. Morrow. 2012. Preliminary assessment of the HogHopper for excluding non-target wildlife. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 25: 333-336.

12-021. Campbell, T.A., D.B. Long, M.J. Lavelle, B.R. Leland, T.L. Blankenship, and K.C. VerCauteren. 2012. Impact of baiting on feral swine behavior in the presence of culling activities. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 104: 249-257.

12-022. Carlson, J.C., J.W. Ellis, S.K. Tupper, A.B. Franklin, and G.M. Linz. 2012. The effect of European starlings and ambient air temperature on Salmonella enterica contamination within cattle feed bunks. Human-Wildlife Interactions 6(1): 64-71.

12-023. Carver, S., A.V. Scorza, S.N. Bevins, S.P. Riley, K.R. Crooks, S. VandeWoude, and M.R. Lappin. 2012. Zoonotic parasites of bobcats around human landscapes. Journal of clinical microbiology 50: 3080-3083.

12-024. Cernicchiaro, N., D.L. Pearl, S.A. McEwen, L. Harpster, H.J. Homan, G.M. Linz, and J.T. Lejeune. 2012. Association of wild bird density and farm managment factors with the prevalence of E. coli O157 in dairy herds in Ohio (2007-2009). Zoonoses and Public Health, 59(5): 320-329. doi: 10.1111/j.1863-2378.2012.01457.x.

12-025. Clark, L., P.J. Savarie, J.A. Shivik, S.W. Breck, and B.S. Dorr. 2012. Efficacy, effort, and cost comparisons of trapping and acetaminophen-baiting for control of brown treesnakes on Guam. Human-Wildlife Interactions 6: 222-236.

12-026. Clark, L., and P.J. Savarie. 2012. Efficacy of aerial broadcast baiting in reducing brown treesnake numbers. Human-Wildlife Interactions 6(2): 212-221.

12-027. Courtot, K.N., D.D. Roby, J.Y. Adkins, D.E. Lyons, D.T. King, and R.S. Larsen. 2012. Colony connectivity of Pacific Coast double-crested cormorants based on post-breeding dispersal from the region's largest colony. Journal of Wildlife Management 76: 1462-1471.

12-028. Cunningham F.L., S.W. Jack, D. Hardin, and R.W. Wills. 2012. Pond-level risk factors associated with columnaris disease on Mississippi commercial catfish farms. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 24: 178-84. doi: 10.1080/08997659.2012.675932.

12-029. DeBruyne, R.L., T.L. DeVault, A.E. Duerr, D.E. Capen, F.E. Pogmore, J.R. Jackson, and L.G. Rudstam. 2012. Spatial and temporal comparisons of double-crested cormorant diets following the establishment of alewife in Lake Champlain, USA. Journal of Great Lakes Research 38 (Suppl. 1): 123-130.

12-030. DeLiberto, T.J., D.L. Nolte, and W. Clay. 2012. Integrative approaches to disease control: the value of international collaborations. Compendium of the OIE Global Conference on Wildlife, Paris (France), 23-25 February 2011: 175-180.

12-031. DeVault, T.L., J.L. Belant, B.F. Blackwell, J.A. Martin, J.A. Schmidt, L. Wes Burger, Jr., and J.W. Patterson, Jr. 2012. Airports offer unrealized potential for alternative energy production. Environmental Management 49(3): 517-522. doi: 10.1007/s00267-011-9803-4.

12-032. DeVault, T.L., R.B. Chipman, S.C. Barras, J.D. Taylor, C.P. Cranker III, E.M. Cranker, and J.F. Farquhar. 2012. Reducing impacts of double-crested cormorants to natural resources in central New York: a review of a collaborative research, management, and monitoring program. Waterbirds 35 (Special Publication 1): 50-55.

12-033. Diel, D.G., P.J. Miller, P.C. Wolf, R.M. Mickley, A.R. Musante, D.C. Emanueli, K.J. Shively, K. Pedersen, and C.L. Afonso. 2012. Characterization of Newcastle disease viruses isolated from cormorant and gull species in the United States in 2010. Avian Diseases 56(1): 128-133. doi: 10.1637/9886-081111-Reg.1.

12-034. Dorr, B.S., and C. Somers. 2012. The direction of research and management of double-crested cormorants heading into the 2000s. Waterbirds 35: 138-148.

12-035. Dorr, B.S., J.D. Taylor II, S.J. Werner, D.T. King, J.F. Farquhar, I.M. Mazzocchi, and R.D. McCullough. 2012. Summer and migrational movements of satellite-marked double-crested cormorants from a breeding colony managed by egg-oiling in Lake Ontario, USA. Waterbirds 35: 114-123.

12-036. Dorr, B.S., L.W. Burger, S.C. Barras, and K.C. Godwin. 2012. Double-crested cormorant distribution on catfish aquaculture in the Yazoo River Basin of Mississippi. Wildlife Society Bulletin 36(1): 70-77. doi: 10.1002/wsb.94

12-037. Dorr, B. S., L.W. Burger, S.C. Barras, and K.C. Godwin. 2012. Economic impact of double-crested cormorant, Phalacrocorax auritus, depredation on Channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, aquaculture in Mississippi, USA. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 43(4): 502-513.

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12-044. Fagerstone, K.A., M.W. Fall, G.W. Witmer, and W.C. Pitt. 2012. Rats! Foiled again: A history of NWRC rodent methods development. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 25: 190-205.

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