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NWRC Directors

photo of E.R. Kalmbach
Edwin Richard (known as E.R.) Kalmbach
Director: 1940-1954 
Career Highlights:
  • Appointed first Director of the Denver Wildlife Research Center
  • Published extensively on bird and mammal research
  • Drew wildlife illustrations for many government publications and painted extensively
  • Designed a ruddy duck for a Duck Stamp, issued in 1941-1942

photo of Cecil S. Williams

Cecil S. Williams
Director: 1957-1968 
Career Highlights:
  • Collaborated in the 1940s with two other Fish and Wildlife staff to design the first airboat
  • Worked extensively at many wildlife refuges in the United States and Canada
  • Contributed to study and management of waterfowl diseases and epizootics

photo of Jack F. Welch

Jack F. Welch
Director: 1968-1971 
Career Highlights:
  • Started his government career as a biologist and later became technical advisor to government chemical processing lab in Idaho
  • Led chemical repellent unit at Denver Wildlife Research Center and helped develop first nationally and internationally used mammal repellent products
  • Oversaw Research Center growth from 20 employees to over 150

photo of Thomas G. Scott

Thomas G. Scott
Director: 1972-1975 
Career Highlights:
  • Worked as a university professor at Iowa State, Southern Illinois University and Oregon State University
  • Served as a consultant to Rachel Carson's book “Silent Spring”
  • Edited the "Journal of Wildlife Management" and authored over 120 scientific publications

photo of Charles M. Loveless

Charles M. Loveless
Director: 1975-1978 
Career Highlights:
  • Began career with Denver Wildlife Research Center as statistician
  • Authored books and publications on species from Florida Everglades to Rocky Mountains
  • Served in Washington, D.C. and also as Director of U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 6, Denver

photo of Clyde J. Jones

Clyde J. Jones
Director: 1979-1982 
Career Highlights:
  • Began government service as chief of mammal section of Bird and Mammal Laboratories of U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, housed in U.S. National Museum of Natural History
  • Returned to academic life in 1982 at Texas Tech University
  • Published extensively, including five books, on various aspects of biology of mammals, amphibians, and reptiles

photo of Paul A. Vohs

Paul A. Vohs, Jr.
Director: 1983-1986 

Career Highlights:
  • Worked in academia at Southern Illinois University, Iowa State, Oregon State, and South Dakota State
  • Directed the Denver Wildlife Research Center organizational move from U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service to USDA
  • Left Denver Wildlife Research Center to become leader of Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

photo of Russell F. Reidinger

Russell F. Reidinger
Director: 1986-1993 
Career Highlights:
  • Worked at the Denver Wildlife Research Center Philippine Field Station from 1974 to late 1970s
  • Conducted research at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia, PA, from late 1970s to 1984
  • Left Denver Wildlife Research Center to direct USDA Center of Excellence at Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri

photo of Richard D. Curnow

Richard D. Curnow
Director: 1994-2004 
Career Highlights:
  • Conducted research in diverse locations including Kenya; Baja, Mexico; Alaska; and Colorado River in Colorado and Arizona
  • Coordinated Center's change and move from Denver to Fort Collins, CO, to become National Wildlife Research Center
  • Oversaw new $50 million building, and further expansion, at Fort Collins location

photo of Richard L. Bruggers

Richard L. Bruggers
Director: 2004-2008 
Career Highlights:
  • Began career at Denver Wildlife Research Center as a biologist in the Section of International Programs
  • Became Section Chief in 1984 for Section of International Programs
  • Widely published, including book, Quelea, Africa's Bird Pest
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