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National Wildlife Disease Program Publications

2005 and Previous Years

  • Baroch, J. A. , M. Hafner, T. Brown, and J. Mach. 2002. Nutria in Louisiana. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. 160 p.
  • Harper, J. L., D. L. Nolte, T. J. Deliberto, And D. L. Bergman. 2005. Conditioning beaver to avoid desirable plants. Proceedings of the Wildlife Damage Management Conference 11:354-362.
  • Johnston, J. J., T. M. Primus, T. Buettgenbach, C. A. Furcolow, M. J. Goodall, D. Slate, R. B. Chipman, J. L. Snow, And T. J. Deliberto. 2005. Evaluation and significance of tetracycline stability in rabies vaccine baits. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 41:549-558
  • Minter, L., and T. DeLiberto. 2005. Influence of extender, freezing rate, and thawing rate on post-thaw motility, viability and morphology of coyote (Canis latrans) spermatozoa. Theriogenology, 64:1898-1912.
  • Shivik, J. A., D. J. Martin, M. J. Pipas, J. Turman, And T. J. Deliberto. 2005. Initial comparison: jaws, cables, and cage-traps to capture coyotes. Wildlife Society Bulletin 33:1375-1383.
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