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Developing Science-based Solutions

vulture with transmitterWildlife Services' National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) conducts research and investigational activities on a wide variety of wildlife damage issues. NWRC Scientists at the Florida Field Station focus much of their efforts on developing methods for management of turkey and black vultures. In the course of this research, hundreds of vultures have been marked with wing tags having individual 3-letter codes.

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General vulture research and management information is found in “Solutions Through Science: Reducing Damage Caused by Vultures”. Research publications relating to specific vulture management issues can be accessed through the link provided. NWRC has also developed guidelines for using effigies as a roost dispersal tool to minimize property damage, protect agriculture, and to relieve human health and safety concerns.

Click here to learn more about WS NWRC vulture research conducted by scientists at the Florida Field Station

Click the image below to view the brochure “Solutions Through Science: Reducing Damage Caused by Vultures”

Solutions Through Science - Vultures 

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