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50 CFR 21.162 - Resident Canada Goose Nest and Egg Depredation Order

Canada goose nestThe Canada Goose Nest and Egg Depredation Order (50 CFR 21.162) authorizes landowners and local governments who register with the FWS to destroy resident Canada goose nests and eggs on their property from March 1-June 30, when necessary, to resolve or prevent injury to people, property, agricultural crops, or other interests. In order to conduct these activities, landowners must register online anytime between January 1 and June 30 of the year in which the activity will take place.

Canada Goose Nest and Egg Depredation Order

Click here for registration information.

Management of Canada Goose Nesting (factsheet)

Click here to view a 6 minute informational video about oiling goose eggs (You Tube- APHIS channel)

Click here for a detailed paper on egg-and-nest treatment


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