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Canada geeseWaterfowl are Federally-protected migratory birds that are valuable natural resources enjoyed by birdwatcher's and the general public. Integrated solutions to address problems may include habitat manipulation, dispersal techniques, and population management.

Canada goose and nestWaterfowl are the most prominent and economically important group of migratory birds on the North American continent. Millions of dollars are spent annually to observe and photograph waterfowl, and to participate in waterfowl hunting. >>More


Conflicts with People 
Canada geese aggressively defend their nest and eggsAlthough most people find a few birds acceptable, problems quickly develop as bird numbers increase. >>More

Regulations Pertaining to Damage Management 
Rooftop goose nestThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has adopted new rules for managing resident Canada geese including a nest and egg depredation order for resident Canada geese that authorizes private landowners, public land managers, homeowners' associations, and local governments to destroy resident Canada goose nest and eggs on property under their jurisdiction when necessary to resolve or prevent injury to people, property, agricultural crops, or other interests. >>More

Assistance from Wildlife Services State Offices
Canada geeseWildlife Services provides technical assistance and direct management for waterfowl conflicts and facilitates the depredation permit process through WS State Offices. >>More


Developing Science-Based Solutions to Waterfowl Conflicts
Canada geese molt each yearWildlife Services' National Wildlife Research Center conducts research and investigational activities on a wide variety of wildlife damage issues. >>More


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