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Vultures on car Vultures are Federally-protected migratory birds that play an important role in the environment. However, their increasing and expanding populations may be associated with problems, including agricultural and property damage and health & safety concerns. Integrated solutions to address problems may include habitat manipulation, dispersal techniques, and population management.

Two different species of vultures, black vultures and turkey vultures, are native to North America. As scavengers, vultures play an important role in the ecosystemGang of vultures  >>More



Vulture Conflicts with People
Vultures tearing tarpBecause of their adaptable nature, increasing numbers, and complex behavior, vultures are involved in a wide range of conflicts  >>More.


Management Assistance 
Turkey Vulture PerchingWildlife Services provides technical assistance and direct management for vulture conflicts and facilitates the depredation permit process through WS State Offices.  >>More




Research - Developing Science-Based Solutions to Vulture Conflicts
Wildlife Services' National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) conducts research and investigational activities on a wide variety of wildlife damage issues  >>More.Vulture

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