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Developing Science-based Solutions to Nutria Conflicts

New methods to locate nutria in expansive marshlands are refined through operational research activities.Wildlife Services' National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) conducts research and investigational activities on a wide variety of wildlife damage issues. NWRC Scientists in Fort Collins, CO focus much of their efforts on developing methods for management of invasive rodents.

Click here to view a 2-page Factsheet on WS NWRC research related to invasive rodents.

Click here to view a book chapter on The introduction, impacts, and management of a large, invasive, aquatic rodent in the United States.

Managing Vertebrate Invasive Species Symposium

Nutria in multiple capture live trapResearch continues to develop new methods to control nutria populations, such as multiple capture live traps and improved attractants.
Multiple capture live traps
Improved attractants

NWRC Publications on Invasive Rodents

Click here to view the results from the 2007 Nutria Management in the Northwest Workshop.

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