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Management Assistance

WS works to eliminate harmful effects of nutria. Executive Order 13112 (1999) directs Federal agencies to provide leadership in controlling invasive species and preventing their introduction and spread. WS provides technical assistance and direct management for nutria conflicts, and has management programs to eliminate nutria in a number of states. In Maryland, Wildlife Services' personnel have partnered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Geological Survey, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and others to implement a large scale nutria eradicate program and to develop new nutria detection and monitoring techniques including remote triggered cameras, call-back surveys, and other means of detecting low density nutria populations.

Although nutria are an invasive species, they are protected as furbearers in some states. Local wildlife authorities should be consulted before control methods are implemented.

To contact the WS State Office for additional information and state-specific assistance recommendations related to nutria, click here and select your state:

Click here for the WS Factsheet, “Nutria, an Invasive Rodent"

Nutria To contact your WS State Office, call
1-866-4USDAWS (1-866-487-3297)


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