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Research is providing information to help managers control the spread of Gambian giant pouched ratsWildlife Services' National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) conducts research and investigational activities on a wide variety of wildlife damage issues including those related to Gambian giant pouched rats. Because free-ranging Gambian rats are a newcomer to North America, relatively little is known about their biology, habitat use, and interactions with native species. Current research efforts are concentrating on improving the effectiveness of traditional live trap capture methods.

WS NWRC fact sheets on methods and strategies to monitor and manage invasive rodents:

Methods and Strategies to Monitor and Manage Mammalian Species with Special Emphasis on Rodents

Development of Methods to Control Rodent Populations and Damage with an Emphasis on Invasive House Mice and Native Voles

WS NWRC Research Articles:

Potential attractants for detecting and removing invading Gambian giant pouched rats ( Cricetomys gambianus)

Evaluating commercially available rodenticide baits for invasive Gambian giant pouched rats ( Cricetomys gambianus)

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