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Threatened and Endangered Species

New York

New York

New York, a diverse ecological mix of urban and suburban settings, agriculture, and forests, is home to nearly 19 million people with 47,223 square miles of land and 7,000 square miles of inland water. Accordingly, WS works to reduce public safety risks and property damage by managing wildlife populations at airports, protecting domestic animals from rabies, and protecting natural resources, such as threatened and endangered birds, from mammal predation.

Species Group
Species Protected
Fed Status
State Status
Total Amount Expended
Total Species

F/E - Federal Endangered
F/T - Federal Threatened
S/CP - State Population of Concern


During 2008, WS received requests to protect threatened and endangered shorebirds nesting on Long Island beaches. Studies have shown non-native red fox, raccoons, feral cats, and gulls are a cause of the decline of many shorebird species. WS was requested by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove raccoons and red fox preying upon Federally threatened piping plovers and roseate terns on Federal refuges. Additionally, a number of bird conservation organizations, public parks, and the Department of Homeland Security requested WS assistance with managing predation to protect these rare birds.

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